As Sumy customs looked around for the army

Bribery scheme officials and the pressure on businesses to leave the defense of Ukraine without clothes.

Ukrainian army could not in time to get a whole lot of clothes for various types of troops. All Amateur of the Sumy customs. Local officials have decided to block the work of entrepreneurs who bring the fabric in particular, and for the needs of the Armed forces. In return demanded bribes. The scheme was described by journalists of the program “Special look”.

In Ukraine only two factory supplied cloth to the army. And most of all, more than 40 thousand meters per year company from the city of Sumy. Out of him sew coats and hats. But their machines are on the border – do not miss the Sumy customs. At the factory are threatening to strike, but to pay bribes to extortionists – categorically do not want.

Drivers say to the other customs offices clearing the same fabric with no problems. But sumac stuck for twenty cars. Drivers live in extreme conditions – just in the cabins. Now Sumy customs stuck 20 cars, each 20 tons of goods. Total: 400 tons. Every day of downtime of machinery is $ 100, that is, the whole “caravan” – $ 2,000 a day, and a month – $ 60,000 net losses only on logistics.

Earlier in the Sumy customs inspection carried out promptly, as the law requires. Now, however, not only drivers, but also employees of the company “Vulteks-S”, which is taking raw materials – customs officers were taken hostage. “Even if we take the Customs code, it is clearly provided customs clearance for 4 hours. But unfortunately as you can see in our situation for more than a month the cars are not goods customs clearance of raw materials,” says lawyer Eugene Strashok.

12 thousand dollars for one truck

Customs pretend that nothing has happened. Say, the human factor is eliminated, it is a special electronic system means “Vulteks” as a risky firm. Company supposedly substitute codes when importing goods. However, the Deputy General Director of LLC “Vulteks” Evgeny Ovsiyenko sure is the Foundation for the blind. Because it is a violation of the protocols has not been discharged. Also called false accusations to change the place of import of the goods and the replacement goods on the road.

Evgeny Ovsienko obvious all claims of the Sumy customs – flimsy and they didn’t exist before. “The problems began with the head of the Sumy customs Alexander Suckin. Suddenly he gave us that we don’t work at customs. Why? There are some illegal schemes in Ukraine for customs clearance Turkish and Chinese fabrics. We in these schemes do not want to participate, because such a conversation took place,” says Ovsienko. He says: Sucky explicitly calls for 12 thousand dollars with a car as a bribe for smooth customs clearance.

Corrupt with experience

Journalists reminded that Alexander Sucky that, in 2016-17 was the chief of a customs post “Lutsk” Volyn customs, been caught in corruption scandals. In particular, during operation in Volhynia at a modest officer with a small salary found auto premium “Bentley”, as well as the BMW X5 and Mercedes 350. In addition, the family customs have a jet ski, unfinished real estate on 400 sq m in Vyshgorod district of Kiev region, two plots of land area of 23 sq. m., apartment in Kiev, one of the most expensive areas of Kiev, the cost of which may amount to a quarter of a million dollars.

Not in the scheme – is not going to work

When Ovsienko not agreed to participate in schemes that customs officials have started to artificially inflate the customs value of imported goods. “Get customs clearance for mittens for the army at 0.43 USD per pair. Same contract, same gloves, same supplier, same customer – all the same. But after that we are here to rastomazhivatsja will not and we’d be screwed – the same gloves have become 1.25 a couple,” explains the entrepreneur.

And so for all groups of goods which are imported “Vulteks”: the yarn was cleared for 2.3 of the dollar – now at 7.78; fluff: it – 3.3 dollar, $ 4.95; cloth: instead of 3.75 – 5.73; regenerate or recovered fiber, up from 1 Euro was 3.

Reporters noted that customs does have the right to adjust the fees, but in accordance with paragraph 7 of article 59 of the Customs code, if the system has recorded that someone made a smaller payment, and others more, then adjustments need to occur in a lower payment. Customs officials say they did everything right. Although, adds Ovsienko, appropriate adjustment three months ago “for some reason” did not.

A threat to national security

Delay car with tissues on the Sumy customs can be a threat to national security, because “Vulteks” delivers a cloth for the Ukrainian army, says the company. “On big parades for our military dressed in a coat, which is directly made of our fabric,” – said the head of the commercial Department of the Sumy textile factory Artem Kotov.

The head of the weaving workshop Alexander Minaev adds: up to 40% orders of fabrics for the army. “I think our work is happy, if we receive orders from the Ministry of defence,” he says.

In Ukraine make the fabric, but no technology for high-quality painting. Therefore, it is done in Italy. Grey fabric for special forces, the Navy for sailors, light blue – for military aircraft. Most – 80%, color “wormwood” – for the army. But inventory is over. Without raw materials, which blocked the Sumy customs, the state defense order will fail.

“I can’t do cloth, I can’t put this fabric to the garment workers, the garment workers are late, can no longer deliver the finished product, namely the coat to the Ministry of defense of Ukraine,” explains Kotov.

And although it is a real sabotage against the state, and war – customs officers come up with new ways to twist the arm of a successful enterprise. Insist, they say that the production is meager, and the goods are imported to resell at exorbitant prices. According to Suckage, the suspicion is the fact that the company imported raw materials more than the production needs. Evgeny Ovsiyenko says: you have the right to bring raw materials not only for themselves but also for sale.

At stake is human destiny

Sumy textile factory is two companies, “Pandian” and “Vulteks.” It was created on the basis of the Sumy cloth factory, founded in 1913. Now specializiruetsya in the production of overcoat fabrics, yarns and blankets. 50% products profile civil, half – military. A factory shop located in Sumy and the village of nyzhnya Syrovatka. They employ one hundred and fifty people.

“The manufacture of plaids and blankets at this stage it is very cost effective. If you look at Ukraine not as a lot of domestic manufacturers who make blankets and quilts. They literally count the fingers, just 2-3, and we’re one of them,” – said Kotov.

Work according to world standards. Using the finest sheep wool – 20 and even 17 microns – from Australia, New Zealand, and China. While the Ukrainian coat – as much as 30 microns. And the thinner, the softer, more valuable and more expensive.

For the manufacture of high-quality fabrics imported Italian machines. It also outraged the head of the Sumy customs Sucky.

Today the factory is almost gone Soviet equipment owners are buying European. Even new, because it is cheaper – but economical and high quality.

Most of the shops in the village of nyzhnya Syrovatka. Local salary of eight thousand – a lot of money. But now regular payments and stability for 150 families might end up. Sumi custom hard destroys such a fragile well-being, people complain.

“We have a salary depends on the fact that we have produced products and it should be delivered to the customer. Already the calculations do not go as they should. There is a penalty,” says Alexander Minaev. Now the factory people money is not paid.

Because of this, people came out to protest under the Windows of the chief of the Sumy customs. Now the factory is preparing for indefinite strike.

In the meantime, the leadership appealed to the State fiscal service with a request to stop Suckage.

In search of justice

The company has 90 days to appeal against actions and decision of the Sumy customs in the Central office of the SFS. If here will not get the truth – go to court. And sure you will win and the losses will return. This has happened many times. Only here you will pay for it – not corrupt, but from the pockets of ordinary Ukrainians.

Ovsienko says already has successful experience of dealing with public authorities. “In 2016 opened a criminal case against our company. Came arrested 5 containers, was taken to Odessa. These containers are gone, they just gave the company, which is located in Lugansk. We quietly gathered up the documents addressed to the court. The court of first instance in Sumy we lost in the Kharkov appeal won 15 million us government should compensate. Recently passed High court, we reduced the amount to 4.3 million the money we have received,” he says.

Says: sorry for the actions of corrupt officials needs to pay off taxpayers.

Sumy weavers also want to contact the State Bureau of investigation. This is not just an economic argument, and the criminal offence of extortion of bribes. The scandal became international is concerned at the Turkish Embassy, after all Sumy customs blocked the production of their factories.

Author Sergey Milovanov

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