As from the pages of Tolkien: the hill was built a hobbit house


Near lake Chelan in Washington state, built a house resembling the home of the hobbits, the fictional people from the legendarium of the writer J. British. R. R. Tolkien. Is an unusual housing remote from the settlements of the area. Has Autonomous system of lighting and heating — 3 dimensional solar panels installed on the roof.

The interior of the home covers a little less than 27 square meters. Immediately upon entering a bedroom. To her right is a small lounge with a fireplace, Board games, chess and a mini-workshop for classes strannichestvo. To the left of the bedroom is the bathroom with large wooden bathtub. The interior is decorated in rustic style, writes inhabitat.

The door to the house builders made up of separate parts of a giant coil for cables. The fence that surrounded the house, wove by hand from the branches.

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Earlier it showed an underground eco-house, a dwelling resembling a fairy-tale hero. Most of this space is located inside the hill, the surface of which you will find a garden.


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