As changed the rules of admission to medical universities in 2017

In the opening campaign of 2017 for those who want to study medical specialties in medical schools, will have to obtain at least 150 points on each of the mcqs.
About this program the “Left coast Sonya Koshkina,” said the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych.
According to her, this initiative of the Ministry of education asked the acting Minister of health Suprun.
It was the decision of the Ministry of health. They set the bar. All who will come this year on medical specialties, a must have in every certificate not less than 150 points, – said Lilia Hrynevych.
The minimum score should have even those who will come to the paid form of training. In the Ministry of education understands that this decision may lead to a reduction in the number of students who will study in a paid form.

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