Artificial sweeteners do not help you lose weight

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The theory of artificial sweeteners is simple: if you use them instead of sugar, you get pleasure from sugary drinks and foods without getting excess calories, potential weight gain and related health problems. However, in practice it turned out that sugar substitutes do not help to lose weight.

Two scientific studies related to the effects of aspartame and Sucralose. There is no conclusive evidence that these sweeteners help people to control weight. Moreover, there is evidence that people who regularly consume these sweeteners are more likely to develop future health problems – although these studies are unable to say that these problems are caused by sweeteners.

The effects of sweeteners on health are important to study because many people use them. Another study, published earlier this year showed that a quarter of children in the United States and 41 per cent consume sugar substitutes, most – at least once a day.

In General, the review of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, covered 37 studies on the subject. And they all denied the idea of the benefits of artificial sweeteners.

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