Artificial intelligence predicted the ending of “Game of thrones”

The algorithm figured out who will die by the end of the series “Game of thrones”. Photo: Obozrevatel

Programmers from the technical University of Munich have created a special algorithm that learned to predict the end of the popular TV series “Game of thrones”.

With development, it is possible to figure out who of the characters will die and who will survive to the end of the season, writes The Verge.

According to the computer program, all will be lost except for the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, with a small probability of death 0.9%. The first will be Ser Bronn of the Blackwater with a probability of 93.5%.

The team of researchers used the methods that are used in the analysis of medical and insurance data. Insurance companies produce statistics about life expectancy of each insured. The algorithm then processes them, and suggests how people live and the insurance company evaluates the risks.

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In real life, the forecast is built on the basis of information about which way of life leads people, whether engaged in sport, whether family or paid work. But in “Game of thrones” took into account other: which house belongs to this or that character, whether he is married, and who is his ally.

Despite predictions the true ending is known only to the creators, actors, and George Martin. Rights are algorithm find out in may when will release the final series.

There is a new version of the screen saver series “Game of thrones”, which opened the first series of the final season. A 2-minute video on the Youtube channel of the series showed all the main locations of the series events and key clues to the plot.


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