Artificial intelligence has upgraded the iconic map Dust II Counter-Strike

The iconic map Dust II (better known to gamers as Dust2, de_dust2) is a true legend among fans of the series of games Counter-Strike. Valve has already added a retro version of the location Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but one of the users decided that it wasn’t good and made it better with the help of artificial intelligence.

With the Dust II modernization 3kliksphilip did not do anything, but with textures worked notably, according to PCGamer.

Using artificial intelligence, the user achieved a significant improvement in all the textures, making the famous map got quite a modern and contemporary look, without losing its originality. The fruit of his labors is available for download in the Steam workshop.

Improved map Dust II – watch videos

The reaction of gamers. There is in the comments some people notice that sometimes it seems like gamers just unscrewed brightness and sharpness of the image. But in General the players are happy with the result.

Not so long ago, recall, Counter-Strike was 20 years old. For a considerable period modification for Half-Life managed to expand to the entire series, which is constantly evolving, and, it seems, is never left behind. Journalists Techno 24 have prepared for you the story of the legendary shooter, which you can read here.

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