Arrival 2017 Ministry of education has published lists of the entrants recommended to the budget

Results and ranking lists of admission to the budget places were published by the press service of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine. The opening campaign ended on July 26.
According to the results of introductory campaign-2017, which took place from 12 to 26 July, for admission to the budget form of training in higher educational institutions of Ukraine recommended 60 900 students.
“I have received appropriate advice 60 thousand 928 students who must meet the requirements for enrollment into places of government or regional order before 12:00 on August 5,” – said the press service of the Ministry of education.
In electronic offices coming there is information on recommendations for enrollment into places of government order. Soon it will be published also on the website and on the websites of higher educational institutions.
According to the Ministry, the admission of such applicants shall be held not later than 12:00 on 7 August. Unused seats will be given preferential categories of entrants: children of fallen soldiers of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) and children of the Heavenly hundred Heroes, the children of ATO soldiers, participants of the ATO zone.
Applicants who apply for natural and technical specialties, but were not in the budget, will also be able to get a seat if applicants who have received a recommendation for admission, refuses to budget or not to bring the originals of the required documents.

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