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How to open a business and not go bankrupt?Many dream “to no longer work on the uncle” and to open the business. Article will help you determine: are you already to stop dreaming and do it finally decisive step in the “exciting” world of entrepreneurship?…


How to stop dreaming about your business and what’s the jar of pickles

Author Filipp Bogachev

In the beginning of the year people often come to erotic fantasies about to immediately become the owner of something. It is advisable to become a master of your own destiny, the winner in life, President of the galaxy, well you should start, of course, with your business, which just seems like something very beautiful and cool framed huge office and a buxom Secretary. Well, so be it, let’s talk today about Boobs. That is not about business. Old Phil will tell you about how to want the business and how, moreover, that open and close with a loss after a couple months. It is sensitive more difficult, than to seduce a Secretary, although as anyone.

To begin, understand, guys, what if you want to open a business because it’s a new 2018 or there, Monday or amavasya is clear in advance that nothing will come of it. But if you wish to invest is not a child and have accumulated a starting capital is ten thousand rubles – the urge to pass on the money psychotherapy. Then the new moon will cease to give you a decisive impact, and you will be able, at any time of the year, day and month, to think about why people need your business. Really need, not in honor of Monday, or what your burning reason? Let’s first take a look at them carefully.

The first and probably the most popular reason for starting a business, generated inflamed the minds of the afflicted office hamsters is, oddly enough, not even money. It sounds like this: “if you Want your business to be epic, her mother, a lot of free time.” Or: “I Want to rest while I work on other people”. If my score fell at least a thousand rubles for this phrase every time it is necessary to hear the trainings, with the accumulated money I would have bought a spaceship. Why ship? Of course, to fly you somewhere far away and never hear of this cosmic scale of heresy.

Girls and boys, the first thing I want in this connection to ask – this is where you poured such a quality staff? And the second, I swear I don’t understand in your environment that no businessman? Type of businessman is such a rare beast that your habitat does not come across? But if it is not so rare, where did you see a businessman, who has a lot of free time and that is all day and only does that rest? I want to offer you an experiment for tomorrow. Ask a businessman, how many hours a day and in a week he works. Then ask when he last had a holiday and when you plan again. You will be shocked to the very foundations of his slightly smoky consciousness, I guarantee.

The second reason – well, there’s nothing you can do, of course, «earn mnoha deneh“. A million, yeah. Dollars. Per week. In the first week of work, of course. Well, let’s be realistic – for the year. People, I really don’t want to swear here so soon in the beginning of the year in the midst of the new moon or what we now have. I would like for you to politely hint at the fact that this idea is absolutely moronic, and before you think about the millions you would be nice to disassemble the mess in my head and understand how real money works.

For example, it would be useful to understand that the payback period of the investment, even in the most “maturing” types of businesses stretched for months, and without attachments you will be working these months for free and maybe after some time you will find yourself over a bowl of oatmeal porridge on the water or the aroma of Ramen noodles. And that’s absolutely fine, but if it will be for you, waiting for untold profits surprise, in the red you will remain safely closed six months later with debts and a deep sense pechalka. Of course, unless you are selling coke. There arrived, they say, is really considerable and perhaps you won’t even be close – you will close specially trained people. Well, at least you can rest in the glory as you dreamed of – say, in the area now unemployment.

The third reason, which I just love – it «not to work for uncle“. I must say that respect is a great intention, which, unlike the previous two, is feasible. For example, you can open a shop of women’s cosmetics or clothes for pregnant women. Uncles are guaranteed there will not be – will work solely on aunt. More precisely, aunts. But remember: if you have a lot of complaints, hatred and hurt feelings for your boss, the owner of the company where you, such a great talent, now lost in a dull office, then your business you are likely will not pull.

Absolutely don’t want to upset you, but the beginners have to cater to a much more uncles and aunts than you can even imagine. Every day. From morning to evening. Customers, partners, counterparties, employees, officials, and even the janitors and handymen of all sorts. Consider also that most of them are not so well educated and raised as your colleagues. To communicate with all these people is absolutely not an able man, who is unable to establish friendly and constructive relations with one boss and a few colleagues. Without insults.

And so, absolutely zadolbalis to refrain from swearing, listing all this bullshit, let get to the point. What is super mega secret hidden from you all these lucky cats are well-fed, unscrupulous millionaires? Let me tell you it absolutely free, I’m not greedy, though, and a millionaire. The thing is that all of these businesses, these are not people who fervently jealous of all rogue, not doing this for money. OPA. It’s funny, right? Not expect?

Of course, you may not believe me, but by and large the trick. People become your customers and pay you money for what to the moon you took a firm decision to change uncle to aunt. And not for what you one languid evening, I wanted to rest more. And for some reason, not for what you want “mnoha deneh”. It’s a shame, of course, I understand you very well. But people will pay you only if you make them well. Preferably something in a new way, because attention is now second revelation – you will have competitors.

Yes, one more unpleasant surprise, I sincerely share your sorrow. This is not how you come to the office and always find your work place unoccupied, and at the end of the month receive a specified salary, no. Here every, you know, tries to sit at your Desk, and even better – directly on your head. To piss in your ficus tree, draw in your calendar, and steal all the office supplies. And every day someone wants to steal your customers and take a bite out of your income. The fuck understand what is going on.

Therefore, pain, sorrow, I know, but will have to come up with something new. Something to improve on the worst. And with such sad eyes, guys, understand, you have to want it very much. Because you will be Oh so easy. And go through this inevitable stage, not returning to a warm cosy office with a stable salary, on some “Ramen,” and the enthusiasm, investing every penny into a favorite thing, you can only in one case: if you want something in this world to do good. Best.

So. Note that if you have had experience in creating business, but you think you understand it perfectly – you only think. If you feel that I matter and still write useful things, don’t you think. It is important not to confuse, but understand the main thing: I absolutely do not intend to dissuade you. You can dig further by reading my blog. Some practical skills in marketing and sales, likely you too.

What else will come in handy when opening your business? The first I already mentioned – look around carefully and think, what you want and are ready to improve. What are you willing to support, something to fight for which can plow day and night without stopping, at least the first year or three? If such ideas have not found, do not rush to slam your office door and leave unfriendly to talented people a space with a proudly raised head. Skopje is better money and think a few more months.

Second – as I said, you need to clear the mess in the brain. No offense guys, but if you still not at the head and not at the helm mean little thoughts about my uncle, aunt, millions falling from the sky, or at least about the endless celebration of life still creep in your head. Unfortunately, it is such garbage due to ninety percent of the closures business in the first year of operation and “sudden” failures. That is why I highly recommend you get training in Finance, sales and management fundamentals before shouting “Hey-GE-y” to grab the helm of a ship travelling in “the perfect storm”.

Third – no matter what region you set out to start first examine Federal and local laws optimal tax regimes, entitlement to benefits and grants to small businesses for first-time entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and other “special” categories in the eyes of our state. The good news is that incentives and subsidies there are. In Moscow, for example, there are grants for equipment and other purposes, a preferential rent under certain activities, free coworking, and other buns. Yes, to receive them, too, need to try, but maybe it will help you, especially if with a starting capital of not a lot. Remember that interest rates on loans in our country is very high and no banker not rush with the response cry of “Hey-GE-y” and open arms towards you, as long as you are a beginner and “small”.

Fourth, in recent years, a lot of sites and advice for aspiring business people, where you will get invaluable information, including about the above benefits and subsidies. Learn all you can about a nearby coworking centers, business services, online services, which will be especially useful to you if you start work without a professional accountant and a lawyer. Now there are lots of programs that everyone will consider and even fill in the tax return for you. They did, by the way, not people who wanted something in this world to improve. And these artful creation will even give you a year of free service (very sneaky of them, I checked).

Fifth – not pissing and do not brake. If you have ideas, yeah, and you can wait, but if you already have an idea, especially if it is brewed in my head for a long time – do something. You still sit in the office because think a lot and do nothing. At least sign up for the training to begin with – aunt you’ve been waiting for along with uncles.




A lot of money, little work…. Let’s do business!




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