Arctica – Ukrainian vodka 2017

New premium vodka Arctica won its first award at the prestigious international tasting competition in Germany.
Among hundreds of other brands Arctica was awarded not only a GOLD MEDAL, but also noted that a separate nomination Ukraine Vodka of the Year 2017, according to UNN.
This is the first international recognition for a new vodka, which in a short time of its existence has gained the trust of consumers and gained popularity because of the perfect purity of the drink.
Our vodka contains no impurities, only alcohol, water and multi-level filtration, which provides the perfect clean. Vodka no softeners gets the award for the European level – what more proof is needed to safely talk about the premium quality?, comment the representatives of the company Eastern Beverage.
Berlin International Spirits Competition for the fourth year, gathers in its composition the members of the jury of leading European experts from the areas of trade in alcoholic beverages. This year for the commitment of the European jury competed over 400 spirits brands from more than 20 countries!

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