Archaeologists stumbled upon the coffin with the face of a leopard

Scientists have restored the leopard image. Photo: UNIVERSITY of MILAN

The archaeologists made a digital color reconstruction of fragment of sarcophagus with the image of a leopard face.

The old coffin was found near the city of Aswan in Egypt. He is about 2 thousand years, writes Newsweek.

The sarcophagus found in the necropolis in the desert near the mausoleum of Aga Khan on the West coast of the Nile. The researchers point out that the picture of a leopard was placed opposite the head of the deceased. It was a talisman which would give the deceased the strength to walk in the realm of the dead.

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Leopards were often painted on coffins and funerary objects.

Scientists have recreated the voice of the mummy of the Egyptian priest, which is over 3 thousand years. Managed to fix the last of the uttered sounds.