Arby’s plans to feed US venison


Arby’s returns limited edition sandwiches with venison, this time across the country.

Last year the special offer was only available in five States, and the dish was described as “hunting-oriented” proposal. Representatives of Arby’s said that the venison sandwiches will be sold a few hours after launch. The menu includes reindeer steak with thick onion rings and a sauce of juniper berries.

Sandwiches will be available in all network points Arby’s until the 21st of October until stocks run out of venison. After 21 October, the fast-food chain plans new sandwiches with elk, however, only in three States: Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

“The positive feedback to our limited supply last year so surpassed our expectations that we decided to find a way to offer venison all over the country,” said chief marketing officer of Arby’s Jim Taylor (Jim Taylor).

Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc., or simply Arby’s is the second largest fast food chain in the United States, in terms of number of restaurants (3300) and the third value from the point of view of income. There are international locations in four countries outside of the United States: Canada, Turkey , Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

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