Apple was named the best app of 2018


Apple was named the best program 2018

Apple by the end of 2018 selected the best iPhone and iPad apps that strongly recommends that you read all the owners of these mobile devices. Among the winners is as useful apps and entertaining.

Best app 2018 called Procreate Pocket is the most popular drawing program. Initially, the app offered exclusively for the iPad, but this year the developers released a version for the iPhone, writes Today.

The program has a huge number of possibilities: a large selection of tools, advanced work with color and layers, you can even create a time lapse video to demonstrate to others the process of working on the illustration.

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The title of the best games for iPhone was rated puzzle game with realistic physics Donut County. This game is interesting not only the plot, but the complete lack of in-app purchases and advertising.

The title of the best iPad apps for its Froggipedia. This app is actively using augmented reality technology. Froggipedia detail and the detail tells about the unique life cycle and complex anatomical details of the frogs.

Best games for iPad puzzle game Gorogoa. The game boasts original gameplay with pictures, panels that the player can move and creatively to combine for the task. It is important that all illustrations in the game were created manually.

Ukrainian library Association begins to create an online service “Library for you Library for you”.

Thanks to him, users will be able to find the location of the nearest library and get information about library services.


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