Apple iPad Pro (2018) was faced with unexpected problems

After Apple apologized for the problems with the MacBook keyboard, the company was faced with a new flood of complaints. Users complain of touchscreen and virtual keyboard of the iPad Pro 2017 and 2018 release.

What’s the problem? In particular, users of the forum of MacRumors and the Apple Support community write about what the iPad Pro does not register touch the “lag” when scrolling and sometimes not respond to pressing the keys while typing.

For example, the owner of the iPad Pro cost $ 1 749 (47 UAH 200) with 1 TB of flash memory and 6 GB of RAM, running iOS 12.1.3, said that problems with the screen started a few weeks ago.

The screen hangs. It emerged only in the last few weeks seem to be getting worse. Responds as if the screen was very dirty, or my finger didn’t touch the screen
– wrote a user under the name Codeseven on the MacRumors forum.

The other “logs”. Another user, the owner of a brand new 12.9-inch iPad Pro said that the individual buttons of the virtual keyboard of the device are not fixed, in particular, key “o” to be pressed several times before the click will be recorded in the program.

What problems does the iPad Pro (2018) – watch videos

The user tried to restore factory settings, but it didn’t help. He returned the faulty tablet to the Apple store and got a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, the new device was even worse.

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