Apple commented on one of the design features of the iPad Pro 2018

The new iPad Pro 2018 have a characteristic little bend. However, as it turns out, is not the lack of production, at least so say the representatives of Apple.

About it reports the Verge with reference to the statement by Apple.

The fact is that when the users began to get your hands on the brand new iPad Pro, introduced by Apple in late October, some of them were slightly curved.

iPad Pro 2018 has a distinctive curved case

According to Apple this curve is not a marriage, it’s a side effect of the production process, it can appear, when plastic and metal are cooled. The manufacturer assures that the bending will not become more over time, not reduce the performance of the tablet and will not impair its functionality.

iPad Pro 2018 has got a slim body and a very slim frame around the display

Note submitted in October the iPad Pro is not only high performance but also a new design. He’s got a thin frame, and the thickness is quite small. Apparently, the desire to record the subtleties and played a bad joke with Apple.

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