Applause with tears in his eyes: like “Nantes” has honored the memory of the disappeared emiliano Sala

Wednesday, January 30, the French “Nantes” played a home match in the championship. During the game the players and spectators commemorated the missing footballer emiliano Sala.

On the 9th minute of the match (under the same number of Fat played for Nantes), referee Frank Schneider stopped the game. For a minute the stands and the players on the field applauded and recalled emiliano. Do not hold back the tears and head coach of “Nantes” Vahid Halilhodzic.

Before the match in the stands the fans have posted the inscription Sala

It should be noted that for this match the players “Nantes” came out in t-shirts with images of Fat. And instead of names they had written Sala

What happened to emiliano Sala

  • On the evening of 21 January over the channel the plane went missing with the footballer emiliano Sala. He went from Nantes to Cardiff, where the local team has signed a contract.
  • The pilot of the plane before disappearing asked for an emergency landing.
  • Rescuers managed to find only fragments of metal near the places of possible disaster. Regardless of whether they belong to the plane – is still unknown.
  • Police called the conditions under which the pilot and emiliano Sala could survive.
  • January 24 the police has officially discontinued the operation to search for the missing plane, on Board of which was emiliano Sala.
  • On 30 January on the beach in France found part of the missing plane Fat.

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