Appeared in Russia the Fund for the protection of national values: the struggle — the whole world


In the management of the Fund includes the color of the radical-conservative camp — the Deputy Vitaly Milonov, Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church, a member of the Public chamber of the Union state of Russia and Belarus Vsevolod Chaplin, the writer, the leader of the party “Great Motherland” Nikolay Starikov. The Chairman of the Board of the organization was the head of the Public chamber Commission on the development of media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich.

Introducing the Fund, Malkevich reminded of the difficult international environment: “Russia looks like a besieged fortress. Policy of the Western world has unleashed an information war against us. And in these conditions in the first place is a successful defense.” Well, the best defense is the attack.

“Spiritual homeland borders are where people live, feeling, thinking and speaking in Russian,” — said Malkevich. But they do not limit the activities of the Fund. A field of ideological battle, which is entering the Fund will be, in the words of its head, almost the whole world: “This is Africa, Asia, Latin America, other countries, including European countries… We are expanding the international understanding of national values.”

“It is necessary to establish normal relations with many civic organizations around the world that are waiting for Russia are waiting for our team… — adds Vitaly Milonov. — We get a huge amount of feedback from the various community activists from all over the world who are asking Russia to help. Ask the Russian human rights defenders, human rights defenders, human rights defenders healthy person to stand up”.

The main sore point in this regard, as you can guess, is Ukraine. According to Milonov, “the degree of cruelty” that state is comparable now, “only with the most violent country in the world — the United States of America.”

Long-term allies in the West listed Vsevolod Chaplin: “This is especially true for those communities who today do not accept the self-proclaimed elite. This variety of forces — from the new, so-called populist, but actually speaking the truth political communities to “yellow jackets” and other natural or polytechinic movements.”

We have something to tell the Europeans, I am sure Chaplin: “It’s time to say otherwise, to say able to hear people in Western Europe: you’re like us, you only fooled your own elite. Listen to us, atrocite, and maybe clear your historical past as peoples… don’t listen to them (religious and political elites. — “MK”). They betrayed you, betrayed Christ, betrayed the peoples who have been Christian for many years.”

However, not alien to the defenders of national values, and more mundane, domestic issues. “We want to support those people who are ready to offer initiatives aimed at protecting our traditions, — said Vitaly Milonov. — The traditions of family, traditions of the environment. Food security of the country is also a very important thing. Fast food kills more than drugs. The effect of ill-considered spuskanija in your body, in your house of any infection — it’s, you know, is worse than the “Voice of America”.

But, it seems, citizens of the country concerned today not only and not so much fast food. And even less on the problems of foreign friends of Russia. The voice of the people at the presentation became an emotional speech of a man who introduced himself as “a representative of the Great brotherhood of Cossack troops”. Despite the exotic nature of the name of the organization, her thoughts of the messenger, it is not unreasonable.

“Our greatest asset is the people who are now howling down there, and nobody helps them, — said the Cossack. — And here funds some strange… You’re talking about the West Ukrainian issues affected Europe, the States… What do you want? Direct their efforts down to the people, Rus’, like, look at people’s needs”.

In General, it seems, “ozdorovitelny companies” a lot of work. Irresponsible elements in the country who do not understand the high civilizational mission of Russia and are not willing to sacrifice her quality of life, can negate all the work on the spiritual transformation of humanity.

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