Anti-corruption the head of the NAB told about the loudest events in 2018

About anti-corruption results live 24 channel said the Chairman of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine Sytnyk.
On the restoration Nasirov at the head of the DFS

Is a sign of revenge on the corrupt system in the country. This verdict is large reputational risks for Ukraine. After all, the British side has repeatedly provided proof of return. Partners from the UK don’t understand why they claim that they have the data, give the number of the passport, which was issued Nasirova, and the court still says that it is not true. Contempt of our international partners.

About the cooperation with SAP, NACP in the Affairs of Semochko and Demchina

Facts, including those identified in the course of journalistic investigation, are verified during the investigation, detectives NABOO. But when will be the result – it is difficult to predict. Somehow, the NACP as soon as preparing suspicion by what top officials, gives the conclusion about the absence of signs of illicit enrichment. When we investigate, we do not even hope for some constructive collaboration with NACP. The main thing that it does not interfere.

Why delay the case.

– The case holds the record for the speed of the investigation. In addition, with the advent of the anti-corruption court the majority of cases were seen much faster. This is due to the fact that the corrupt and bribe-takers want in the shortest time to complete all kinds of petitions to the ordinary courts has made the right decisions.

– No violations, of course not. Over 600 pages of evidence of crimes Martynenko was transferred to NABOO encoded on the Swiss side of the stick. Knowing that against such evidence it is impossible to resist, Martynenko decided to start to discredit the entire documentary base.

About when will earn anti-corruption court

Right now, the Parliament is already a little that depends, because it has fulfilled its function in establishing an anti-corruption court. As he did, that’s another story. We’ve all seen it. In December 2017 was filed by a law, which actually simplified the dismissal of the head of the anti-corruption Bureau. But under pressure from the international community and civil society for this law is not yet voted. And there was a draft law on Higher anti-corruption court, which was adopted in June 2018.

More – see in the program.


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