Anteprime 2018: elected the author of the worst sex scenes in literature

The American writer James Frey received the award for the worst description of the sex scenes in the literature of 2018.

It is declared by the British publication the Literary Review, on the page where you can read this passage completely.

The name of the winner was announced on Monday, December 3, in London. It is noted that the guests of the event together raised their glasses to James.

Negative award for Bad Sex in Fiction Award James Frey received for the book Katerina (Katerina), in which he describes a few sex scenes. Most of the jury didn’t like the text in which the narrator Jay and his mistress Katerina having sex in the bathroom in Paris. According to them, it was described so poorly that Frey could win the prize several times.

The purpose of this award is to draw attention to the bad description of sex in modern literature.

“Dazzling stunning irresistible explosion of clothes. Oh God… I close my eyes, exhale… I lean against her, both breathing heavily I was still inside her, smiling,” – said in the text.

James Frey – author of the book “Catherine”

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