Another fight: Microsoft accused Apple of stealing ideas

Executive Director of Microsoft’s Ryan Gavin said that Apple released the iPad Pro as a response to the Surface.
According to Gavin, they are constantly improving and working on their devices, and Apple just goes their way, writes CNET.
These findings in the company made after the exhibition 2017 WWDC, where Apple introduced the iPad Pro. The new device has support for external keyboard and stylus, so a tablet as a full replacement for the laptop, which by the principle similar to Microsoft’s Surface
the iPad Pro from Apple
“We have many years of studying and improving our device “2in1″, but when we did Surface, it was skepticism, including from Apple. And then went on our way and released iPad Pro,” said Ryan Gavin .
Microsoft CEO added that the company is developing its devices despite Apple. According to him, if the company is indeed based on achievements of a competitor, they would not have released a hybrid Book and Surface Pro.

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