Annunciation-2017: what not to do, history, superstitions and customs

The Annunciation


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7 APR Pravoslavnaya Christians celebrate the third greatest value of the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin.

The Annunciation is the Christian holiday, which is the third in importance after Easter and Christmas, celebrated on 7 April.

When the Annunciation in 2017: when the history of the holiday

This day marks the event when the Archangel Gabriel announced to the virgin Mary that she would conceive immaculately by the Holy spirit and bear the son of God – Jesus Christ.

Jerusalem, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Russian, Georgian, Serbian, and Ukrainian Autocephalous Autocephalous Church, and some others celebrate the Annunciation on 7 April in the Gregorian calendar .

Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece (Greek), Albanian, Polish, American and some other churches of the Eastern rite and the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant denominations celebrate the Annunciation on 25 March in the Gregorian calendar.

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This holiday is connected with one of the most common prayers of Orthodox believers – “o Theotokos virgin, rejoice”. Along with the “our father” it is in the list of required reading of the morning prayers and is present in all the solemn liturgies. Catholics of the Western rite, this prayer known as “Ave Maria”.

The celebration of the Annunciation was established by the Church in the fourth century, after it began to celebrate Christmas. The date was defined by counting 9 months from Christmas. In addition, the Holy Fathers of the Church explain the date of the Annunciation by the fact that God created man on the 25th of March.

In Ukraine the celebration came with the adoption of Christianity, however the pagan folk traditions continue to coexist with the Christian holiday. The people of the Annunciation was called the “third meeting of the spring” (after the meeting and the Forty Martyrs). It is believed that the spring of the day finally overcame the winter, God bless the land and opens it for sowing. According to popular belief, after the Annunciation could begin field work. Earlier “disturb” the earth was considered a great sin.

To this feast of the storks usually came from warm and begin to build their nests. There was a belief that the Annunciation the earth was opened and out crawled a snake, snakes and other reptiles.

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This day has long been a custom of releasing to the wild birds: “To sing on the outside, God is praised and asked for happiness, good luck to whoever released them”. The owner produced the sun and all animals, even the dog and cat were driven out – “to smell the spring and take care of themselves”. Beekeepers had been put out of hives.

In the Church this day is Holy communion bread. Eucharist crumble and pour in the honey, “so that the bees are swarming”, mixed with earth and spread at the four corners of the field – “rain cloud fields are not passed”; prosphora buried in the ground, “to hail the crops are not broken”.

Annunciation prosphora, like Epiphany and Candlemas the water stored behind the icons.

It was considered that, if the Annunciation, walking on water, she finds a flower primrose, this summer she will marry. Snowdrop found at the Annunciation, foreshadows happiness. If the wash water into which to put the snowdrop, – will be beautiful.

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People say “the Annunciation girl braid weaves, the bird nest is not Vietnamese”. With this legend is connected the legend of the cuckoo. The legend mentions that this bird has no home due to the fact that purposefully violated the prohibition of God. Since then, she is forced to throw their eggs in the wrong nest and to be persecuted by all.

This holiday is especially a sin to work on the ground: according to legends, it is enough only to touch the seed or grain that it immediately lost its power and never sprouted. But after that day you can begin working in the field, all will grow well, bloom and ear.

It is also impossible in the Annunciation to take or give money and belongings to strangers, so as not to lose their prosperity, health, tranquility and peace in the family. It is important to ensure that you own nothing was taken from the house, so 7 APR desirable to invite guests.

It is forbidden to sew and knit. Thread many peoples of the world associated with life, so anyone who takes her hand to work, may confuse their destiny, to bring problems and troubles.

Not only to get a haircut, wash his head, but even take care not to disturb their fate. As punishment hair may fall out.

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April 7 it is prohibited to wear new clothes: they quickly tear or deteriorate, and during the year will not be able to purchase other. Girls who violated the prohibition, to the next Annunciation will not marry.

What is the weather on the Annunciation, and this Easter will be. If the Annunciation rain comes, well grow rye. If the Annunciation has already storks sitting on the eggs, the spring will be warm.

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