Announced a short list of “books of the year 2018”


Winners of all-Ukrainian rating “book of the year 2018” call 8 Feb 2019

Announced a short list of all-Ukrainian rating “book of the year 2018”. Home for most readers nomination – “Red writing” fiction of all types, genres and backgrounds. Top books of the last literary book of the season are presented in alphabetical order. The winners will be named at the awards ceremony in the Ukrainian House on 8 February 2019.

In contemporary Ukrainian prose / nestico / drama

Yuri Andrukhovych. Cohens Ustic. – Chernus: Meridian Czernowitz, 304 p. (p)

Andriy Bondar. Cerebro. – L.: vydavnytstvo staroho Leva, 120 p(p)

Miroslav Tochinese. Light of seven days. Malenic history for DOS. – Mukachevo: Karpatska Vezha, 207 p. (p)

Andrey Kurkov. The gray bees. .: Folio, 299 p. (p)

Askold Melnychuk. The Ambassador dead. – L.: vydavnytstvo staroho Leva, 304 p. (p)

Galina Perucac. Carstart sovanna. Ser. “Private collection”. – L.: Prada, 280 p. (p)

Taras Prokhasko. Narost. – L.: Terra Incognita, 184 p. (p)

Valeriy Shevchuk. Holy nedl; Picture on provincename TL. – K.: Clio, 400+528 p. (p)

Genre literature (detective / be useful / fantastic / lubovni novel / storioni novel / prose Molodin / out pages from)

Ian Jacks. The dreams of others. .: Folio, 368 p. (p)

Yuriy Vynnychuk. Sestri crow. .: Folio, 384 p. (p)

Max Karuk. De no God. .: Club semeynogo leisure, 480 p. (p)

Dmitro Korchinskiy. Estetica gibralta. – K.: Salani Tato, 424 p. (about)

Yuriy Kosach. Signor Nkolo. – Kyiv: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA, 512 p. (p)

Andriy Liubka. Tvy Poglyad, CIO-CIO-San. – Chernus: Meridian Czernowitz, 336 p. (p)

Andrew Capla. STN. – L.: vydavnytstvo staroho Leva, 576 p. (p)

Zarubina prose / nestico / drama

Kurt Vonnegut. Bufonada. – Ivano-Frankivsk: Vavilonska library, 184 p. (p)

Margaret Atwood. Spy ubivtsa. .: Club semeynogo leisure, 512 p. (p)

Stun CNG, Aries CNG. Splash krasun; Kladbishe domashnih tvarin. .: Club semeynogo leisure, 880+400 p. (p)

Julio Cortazar. Us city lights – fire. – L.: Staryi, Anetta Antonenko, 160 p. (p)

Milan Kundera. Waltz on Prasanna. – L.: vydavnytstvo staroho Leva, 240 p. (p)

Silva Boards. Pid sklanim Kovpak. – L.: vydavnytstvo staroho Leva, 360 p. (p)

FLP Mouth. Amerikanska pastoral. .: Club semeynogo leisure, 432 p. (p)

Poesia / aphorism

Anthology Molodo ukraïnskoï poet III tisyacholittya. – Kyiv: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA, 496 S.(p)

Charles Bukowski. Gray for panno p Yano NBI on Udarnik pokey pals led for krovotochit. – K.: a Fierce right, 220 p. (about)

Mykola Vorobiov Of. Mountain I Kvitka; Anatoly Kichinsky. Alive I beveled the Techa in meni grass; slov’yanochka anske sky: VRS perekladach Novel Lubkowska; Ivan DRACH. Wishaw z radio Lev Chorny; STRIC. Lniv I NIN. Ser. “Ukrainian Poetica Anthology”. – Kyiv: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA, 224+208+352+240+352 S.(p)

Serhii Zhadan. Antena. – Chernus: Meridian Czernowitz, 304 p. (p)

Lomikami. Anthology Ukrayinsky verpu. – L.: Prada, 620 p. (p)

Rainer Mariya Rlce. One hundred poesy perekladach Moyea Fsbank. – K.: Lybid, 272 p. (p)

Horvatic poetics hulgan. – K.: right Fierce, 384 p. (about)

The all-Ukrainian rating “book of the year” annually determines the best Ukrainian books published by domestic publishers, alone or in collaboration with foreign partners. The contest organizers are: the Institute of literature named after T. G. Shevchenko of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, national library of Ukraine named V. I. Vernadsky, the Ukrainian independent publishing house “Smoloskyp”, Foundation for promotion of arts development, the newspaper “Ukraina Moloda”, center of rating researches, “Elit-Profi”. Rating experts are leading bibliographer, critics, Humanities scholars, famous writers, scientists of various aesthetic and ideological orientation of journalists and editors of popular periodicals, cultural experts, MPs, heads of relevant government agencies.

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In the past year in the category “Red writing” all-Ukrainian rating “book of the year 2018” won: novels “Nternat” Sergiy Zhadan, “Lutetia” by Yuriy Vynnychuk, “Suzir’ya Swan” by Yuriy Kosach and “Japonski Comaneci” Sabel Alinde, collections of poetry “Anthology ukraïnskoï poet the twentieth century: from Tichini to Zhadan,” “Two colors” Dmytro Pavlichko, “Angel from lastivky” Rini Zhilenko and “Three flows mesyachnogo plastic” Igorya Rymaruk.


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