Anniversary behind bars: the Ukrainian political prisoner Sushchenko is 50 years old

Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko is 50. This is the third birthday that he has to meet in the honeycomb.
Who is Roman Sushchenko and why he was convicted

Roman Sushchenko was born on 8 February 1969 in the city of Cherkassy. He graduated from the Kiev higher tank engineering school, and the Institute of journalism of Kyiv national University named after Taras Shevchenko.

2002 – journalist of the national state Agency “UKRINFORM”, and in 2010, – the correspondent of the same edition in France.

He was detained and arrested on 30 September 2016 in Moscow, where he came to a sick cousin. The Sushchenko became known only after 2 days after the arrest.

In Russia Sushchenko was accused of espionage in favor of Ukraine

The Russian side stated that Sushchenko – “the Colonel” and “staff employee of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine”. Investigators of Russia claim that he had worked for Ukrainian intelligence service under the guise of a journalist. According to the FSB, Sushchenko was interested in the structural details of Regardie.

Investigators also insisted that Sushchenko tried to learn from former Russian military about the possibility of a new offensive by Pro-Russian militants Donetsk to Mariupol.

4 June 2018 Moscow court sentenced Sushchenko to 12 years in a strict regime colony, and later the verdict upheld by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation. The hearing was held behind closed doors because the case is labeled with a stamped “top secret”.

In what conditions hold Sushchenko

The man said that at first he was put in a cold cell, had to sleep in clothes. Only after the intervention of the Consul Sushchenko made to indoor measured temperature. It turned out that there are only 13, therefore, the prisoner was transferred.

In January my daughter and wife Sushchenko allowed to go to the Novel for three days. All this time they lived on the territory of the colony in the Kirov region. The journalist requested that the family brought buckwheat and potatoes.

If you compare how he looked before these events and now it looks like – an impression that has aged 10 years,
– said the prisoner’s daughter Yulia.

She also said that her father is very thin, has gray hair and has problems with pressure. “Before, when father brought the hot water, it immediately led to a walk. So he was forced to wrap up the water in the clothes to a little to keep the temperature,” shared Julia.

As a journalist supports his spirit in jail

The family received from the prisoner, nearly 90 letters and even drawings, including Paris and Kiev. Them – Andrew’s descent, Vladimir hill, where the novel previously walked with my daughter and son.

The figure of a captive journalist to relatives, Kiev

One of the drawings of Roman Sushchenko, Paris

During these three years the son Maksim has never seen the father. The boy decided not to take to a meeting with Roman, not to oppress the prison. For the son of man writes letters and draws for his car.

One of the drawings Sushchenko for my son

Family Sushchenko believes that he will return home earlier than promised, Russian law enforcement agencies, because he is innocent and was merely a bargaining chip in the political game of the Kremlin.

How can we support the Ukrainian

Cheer up Novel card everyone can. Note: you need to write only in Russian, is to allow censorship.

Address for letters:
Sushchenko Roman Vladimirovich
Fku IK-11 UFSIN of Russia across the Kirov region,
the village Utrobina, Kirov oblast,



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