Annexation of Belarus by Russia took place in 2014.

Annexation of Belarus by Russia took place in 2014, when Russian troops entered its territory and reside there still. Lukashenko is a puppet of the Kremlin and roughly performs the same function as Zaharchenko with Carpentry in quasiregular.
This opinion of the site “24” stated a military expert Oleg Zhdanov.
According to the expert, during the time scheduled for the autumn joint military exercises between Minsk and Moscow “the West-2017” will be the expansion and strengthening of the Russian military forces. And it will in the future pose a threat in three directions: to the Baltic countries, a direct confrontation with NATO on the Polish border and Ukraine.
The threat to Ukraine’s Russian-Belarusian military exercises there. But this does not mean that tomorrow Moscow will go on the offensive. Ukraine needs to get used to the fact that if we chose the Western vector of development, we become the front line of NATO on the European continent. The division of the world will now be held on the Ukrainian border – said Zhdanov.
In addition, according to the military expert, Belarus – the last Outpost of the Russian Federation, to create tensions in Europe. But it is also a war of Russia for the European markets. According to Oleg Zhdanov, now the Russian Federation pulls to bypass Ukraine Railways via Belarus. And it is possible that instead of “Nord stream-2” Moscow in the future will throw more and in this way the gas pipe, bypassing the Ukrainian GTS.
Russia by all means will increase the group along our borders. On the one hand, it is a factor of threat to NATO. On the other, to the security of Russia itself. Now the Russian Federation puts forward the Smolensk army from the suburbs on our border, and this army has always stood for the defense of Moscow. And now it is removed and thrown on the Ukrainian-Russian border, exposing the Russian capital. And that says a lot, – said Zhdanov.

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