Anna SAVCHIK – winner of the contest “Ukraine olympiska”

Anna Savchik (center). Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE”

On Friday, the national Olympic Committee of Ukraine held a celebration of the winners of the XVII all-Ukrainian competition among sports media “Ukraine olimpiski”.

We are pleased to note that in the most prestigious category (total thereof is eleven) – “Nicras sportive jurnalisti” – first place for 2017 occupied, according to the jury, head of Department of the newspaper “Sport-Express in Ukraine” Anna Savchik.

Diploma and other awards were presented to our colleague, the Hero of Ukraine, NOC President Sergey Bubka and the best athlete Dec Irina Romadanova, the bronze medallist of the European championship in Taekwondo.

Add in a Quartet of winners of the contest also included Sergei Haiduk (“Desnyanka”, Chernihiv), Eugene Golden domes (TV company “Kyiv”) and Dmitry Bulyga (TRK “GOK”, Gorishny Marshes, Poltava region).

Anna, proud of your champion’s style in the works. Keep it up!

Sport-Express in Ukraine

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