Ani Lorak is going to come to Kiev to the Eurovision song contest-2017

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who lives and actively performs in Russia, said he plans to attend the Eurovision song contest in Kiev and to visit live music competition.
She told about it in interview “KP”.
“I’m happy now that Jamal brought Eurovision to Ukraine. Plan to join the holiday atmosphere and enjoy this event – the main thing that I got all the graphics,” – said Lorak.
She added that perhaps the international music competition “will serve as a springboard for a period, signifying the beginning of changes for the better.”.
All of Europe will arrive in Kiev, all came to life, we will witness a surge of positivity and friendship between peoples. Otherwise, it can not be – music has always United people, – says the singer.
Caroline noted that in the Ukrainian national selection supported the singer TAYANNA.
24 Channel Is the Main news partner of the Eurovision-2017

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