Android users attacked by a new virus that locks screens

Experts antivirus company ESET has detected a first encoder for mobile devices based on Android, which locks the screen and demands a ransom.
This is stated in a press release from the company ESET, reports “Correspondent”.
The program locks the screen gadgets.
It is noted that the malicious software called DoubleLocker works on the basis of virus that stole Bank details of the victims. However, in contrast to conventional banking viruses, it does not collect users ‘ Bank data, and encrypts the data found and can replace the PIN code of the smartphone or tablet. As ESET notes, this combination of features in the Android ecosystem is observed for the first time.
The spread of dangerous software occurs under the guise of renovation or activate Adobe Flash Player on fake sites. Once on the device, DoubleLocker has the necessary permissions under the guise of inclusion about Google Play Service.
For the removal of the block with a gadget attackers require 0,0130 bitcoin, otherwise threatened 24 hours to destroy all the data.

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