Andriy Shevchenko has a joint business with Russian oligarch Abramovich.

Coach of Ukrainian football Andriy Shevchenko earns with the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich in gold mining on Chukotka.

This is stated in the investigation of DW.

According to the register of companies in the UK, Shevchenko and December 2015 and is co-owner of investment brokerage company, MC Peat & Co. LLP – official broker of the shares of Highland Gold Mining holding which is listed on the London stock exchange.

The Highland Gold Mining holding controls Abramovich with his former classmates Shvidler and Valery Eufom. The company unites 9 mines in Chukotka, in the far East of Russia and in Kyrgyzstan, where mined tons of gold and silver at more than $ 300 million a year.

Andriy Shevchenko did not answer conveyed through his assistant to request the publication on what role he plays in this investment brokerage company. The representative of the Shevchenko announced that he will pass the question to the coach in mid-February, when he will arrive in Ukraine.

DW suggests that the emergence of a Ukrainian company, MC Peat may be due to his friendship with Abramovich since the days of his performances for Chelsea.

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