Andrei BOGDANOV: “2018 was a success for me”

Andrei Bogdanov. Photo:

Ukrainian midfielder Andriy Bogdanov spoke about his plans for the future.

“There are options. Mostly it concerns foreign European clubs.

I am considering many options, call the athletic Director of clubs that also deal with agents. I’m waiting, I want the option to continue a career was specific and suit all parties.

I consider all options including those from Ukraine, but prefer offers from Europe. Has the strength, desire and motivation.

Ends in 2018 – for me he became successful. I wasn’t even hoping to play in two finals: championship, Cup and Supercup of Poland. We won the super bowl and I took a direct part in this.

In a month when I played the Cup final at the stadium came on 59 thousand people. The Cup final of the 180 thousand inhabitants of Gdynia arrived 18 thousand inexpressible emotions.

The experience I received in Poland, and changed my vision of football. I am grateful that the option I had and I closed my eyes to many things, went to Poland to try there.

After the final of Poland Cup we have a new coach, who brought 12 players. I initially understood that it may be, although the new coach kept telling me that I need and I will play.

From the start of the season I played all games, but after the red card in one of the matches he ceased to put me in the. Through the tour I got a serious ankle injury. All this led to the fact that I ceased to be part of. But that’s football. This was to be expected, as the coach brought his players.

It is normal that they have more to bet, than those who were already in the team.”

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