Anatoliy Anatolich told how much you earned in 2018

Ukrainian showman and TV presenter, Anatoly Anatolich was a guest of the new release of YouTube programs “Glory”. Talking to the author of the project “see the Interviewer” admitted, how much is a triumph with his participation and how much money he earns.

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter and entertainer was the guest of the program “Glory”, the new release which comes out every week on the YouTube channel Lux FM. During the interview the man was talking about the relationship with his wife, about his own project “see the Interviewer” as well as on the amounts which he can earn per month and per year.

According to him, along with a TV project “ze Interviewer” and corporate events, which he holds, he can earn 250 to 500 thousand hryvnia.

On corporate I can have 3-4 thousand dollars,
– admitted Anatoliy Anatolich.

Also star noted that in 2018, he earned several million hryvnia, adding that investing in family and work. “The car I bought an expensive, new,” – said TV presenter.

See more interesting details of the life of Anatoly Anatolich the new release “Glory”: video


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