An Indian drone violated the airspace of China

Photo: AmericaRU.com

The Chinese military said that Indian drone intruded into Chinese airspace before making an emergency landing on disputed territory.

On Thursday, the Chinese state news Agency Xinhua published a report in which Deputy chief of the joint staff of the Western theater of military operations Zhang Shui Li (Zhang Shuili) said, “India has violated the territorial sovereignty of China, and we Express our discontent with these actions”.

The claims do not contain details on the timing or specific location of the incident. However, perhaps it was the borders of China, India and Bhutan.

Zhang added: “We will continue to protect our national sovereignty and security of China.” He said that the Indian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “invaded Chinese airspace and crashed, and the border troops of China have conducted the identification and verification at the flying machine.”

The Indian army gave more information about the incident, saying the drone was in flight training in the territory of India, but flew to the territory of China due to a technical error, the perpetrators reveals a consequence.

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