Among presidential candidates in 2018 the most truth said Garden, – VoxChek

Factchecking project VoxCheck made “stars out of lies and whistleblowers” among politicians who are leading in opinion polls before presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to the analysis, the results of 2018 among presidential candidates “the greatest knight” was the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy. The project team has identified 73,1% truthful claims in the rhetoric of the policy in 2018.

Anatoly Gritsenko in their rhetoric were true in 68.1% of cases, Petro Poroshenko – at 56.4%.

Less than half of the truth put in their claims Yury Boyko (44.6%) and Oleg Lyashko (40.7 percent). And the least truthfully said in the past year, according to the rating of Yulia Tymoshenko is 31.5%.

As noted by the team VoxCheck, separately, the experts will also check the claims of candidates from the beginning of 2019.

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