American Admiral promised to give battle to the Russian black sea fleet


Business Insider placed the testimony of the American “hawk”, said that the naval chief had shared them at the conference in the Atlantic Council. The reason to mention Russia with a negative connotation was the question of the former Deputy Secretary General of NATO 66-year-old Alexander Vershbow about the “occupation of Ukrainian Crimea”.

As readers will remember “MK”, Vershbow from 2001 to 2005 he served as U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation. Earlier this same diplomat was the third Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow and the Director for the Soviet Union at the State Department of the United States.

Taking this opportunity, the Business Insider stated that “in recent years, Russia has been very aggressive.” In particular, in 2014, she “annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea through brute military force.” In November 2018 the ships of the border guards of the Russian FSB “attacked Ukrainian ships in the Azov sea, after which the Ukrainian sailors captured”. In addition, continued media, Moscow “always blocks the access of Ukraine to the sea of Azov, which is separated from the Black sea by Crimea.”

Admiral Richardson said in response that the United States should think “not only about how to meet and how we click first in several regions. I think it would be great if we forced the Russians and other opponents to react to our first step. There is a definite advantage to play, so to speak, the white pieces on the chess Board.”

According to the observations of John Richardson, Russia “constantly tests US Navy dangerous maneuvers in the air and the sea.” In 2018 Russian fighter jets twice approached the aircraft of the us naval forces. And in 2015, two su-24 simulated a bombing of the destroyer USS Donald Cook.

Richardson believes that the increase in the number of joint exercises with the armed forces of partner States in the black sea region and the opening of headquarters in the allied countries like Romania can give US more leverage for the answer.

“The area where we are doing some new steps in this plan, is missile defense, said Richardson. – Actually, we have deployed missile defense system “aegis” in Romania. And, in my opinion, these opportunities send a strong signal to Russia.”

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