Amber heard talked about mental disorders after divorce with johnny Depp

Ex-wife of johnny Depp and ex-girlfriend of billionaire Elon musk, actress amber heard openly talked about his condition after a scandalous divorce with the actor.

About it, amber told in an interview with the Sunday Times.

According to the actress, after her divorce with Depp she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“The consequences of my psychological injuries are not always obvious to others. I’m not hiding under the table, if you can hear a loud sound while this happens to many people with PTSD. Trauma manifests itself in a strange way even for myself,” said Hurd.

Amber Heard / Getty Images

For example, she remembered her reaction while watching the broadcast of the trial of a candidate to the Supreme court of the United States Brett Cavanaugh, who is a clinical Professor of psychology Christine Blaisy Ford was accused of rape.

For example, at some moment I suddenly realized that sitting on the floor and cry, despite the fact that it unfolds in a live Fox or CNN. And I ask myself why I perceive it so close? It’s not my problem? But it’s mine, too. My. I know that every woman who watched this live, was outraged. I don’t think there would be at least one, that this situation is not broken heart. We were all at the scene of Dr. Ford. We know how she feels,
– admitted the star.

What is known about the marriage of amber heard and johnny Depp?
The couple were married from 2015 to 2017. The reason for the divorce was the statement heard about domestic violence. After litigation, the actress was able to sue the ex-spouse large compensation (seven million dollars) which she promised to give to charity. On the days johnny Depp gave an interview to the British GQ magazine. He said that he never abused his ex-wife amber heard in the future is not going to connect his life with any woman.

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