Amateur photographer thanks to drones found a weak spot in the British Navy: video

Scottish photographer, who led the drone, made an incredible video of the new UK aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”. However, not without incident, which helped to identify military negligence.
This was reported by the BBC.
During filming, rose a strong wind, so the drone landed on an aircraft carrier and for some time stood on the deck. Drone unbeknownst to military rose in the air and returned to its owner.
Man. who is aware of the offense, reported on his experiment, the police and leave them your phone number to view all details of the incident. However, the appeal to the Patriotic Scot has been ignored.
In the end, the man pondered the security of the UK’s largest aircraft carrier. Because instead of the camera drone could be fitted with explosives. The photographer will not hesitate published video.
The incident reacted at UK Ministry of defence. Representatives of the Ministry assured. that initiated a serious investigation into the matter. However, after the publicity man again did the same trick, confirming a gap in the protection of the fleet.

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