Almost like resorts “all inclusive”: the APU showed what to feed the Ukrainian military

In the Armed forces of Ukraine reform the food system. From September 1 to 5 military units moved to the new system – the Ukrainian military and those who just want to become them, already with Breakfast, fed the new standards.
In the Directorate of development and support of the material support of the armed forces showed what are now fed in the army.
In particular, the new power system of today passed such a military unit: VITI (Kyiv), part of the MTR (Brovary), missile units (Khmelnitsky), part of communications (Odessa) and the army Academy in Lviv.
For Breakfast the military could choose from several dishes to choose from – from pasta with sausages to yoghurt and apples.
Eggplant stew, goulash, a variety of fruits and vegetables, sausage and smoked meats. This is not a dining room at the resort near the ocean of “all inclusive”. This is our dining room, the Ukrainian military unit, which in the next two years will be a routine for each part the Armed forces of Ukraine – promise in Mat.

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