All about breastfeeding: how to establish lactation and successfully nurse a baby

Virtually every woman with any type of breast capabilities and all possibilities for rearing the child. Moreover, even in non-parous women would be milk for the baby. How to establish lactation and overcome the bad myths about breastfeeding – in an exclusive interview with channel 24 said the psychologist, a lactation consultant Tamara Andreeva.

August 1 begins the world week of breastfeeding support. The purpose of the event was to inform and promote healthy lifestyles, focusing attention on the value of breastfeeding.

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Lactation for each mother

Do I need to do anything special to prepare the Breasts for breastfeeding during pregnancy?

No. Each breast of any shape and size – perfect for the toddler that you will be born. Nature has thought of everything.

The difference between colostrum and milk it is? Tell me more about these stages.

Colostrum appears in women during pregnancy. At 20 weeks, many mothers may notice drops of colostrum on my bra. It is not at all evident, but we all have. If it does not manifest is not evidence that no. It all depends on the sphincter of the nipple. There is more taut, and there are softer.

It is important to understand that milk is blood and lymph. And from what you have, do you like blood and lymph are still there. If you enable the mind to try to count the problems begin. Because it is important just to believe that milk is.

Colostrum goes into the milk on the second or fifth day. Each in different ways. But baby just enough. The value of colostrum is that it is very slowly excreted, does not cause the child fear, helps to establish lactation and to strengthen the sucking reflex. It also separates the ventricle and the intestines of the child such protective layer, which serves us for life. Mother’s immunity is passed, the enzymes that protect the body, help move with intrauterine feeding through Popovych on lactotropes – suckle. Therefore, it is magic. And drip the extraction of colostrum gives the baby confidence in his sucking reflex, soft adaptation – it should not pour. In the third to fifth day, when it begins to pour, the child boldly sucks, understands how to do it. The child still have brown fat – the cheeks, the back. It helps to compensate for the liquid, which was less in colostrum than in Mature milk.

Refusal of a newborn child may be due to insufficient feeding?

The fact that the child is restless, whiny, doesn’t mean that you have little or poor colostrum. Just the baby adapts – each has its own nervous system, and every child is different it resides.

Personally I distinguish three types of children. Children-hysteric – who from morning till evening yelling and bad sleep, and moms think it’s bad that the child spends a lot of energy, but few sucks – not gaining weight. But they need time. Three, four, five days – and the child is calmer, is put to the breast, begins to rest more. Children-“comatose” – from morning till evening sleep. It is important to awaken, to Supplement, to deceiving colostrum and spoon-to Supplement. Because there are certain dose to the child is Napping, woke up. And have perfect kids, they are 30-40 minutes breast-feed, and 2-3 hours sleep. Of course, everyone is happy, rested mother. And, of course, when you have a baby-hysterical, and lying next to perfect — it is very difficult to cope with their emotions and feelings. But this is dependent on the nervous system of the child. Character and temperament is laid from birth. After all, we adults are also all react differently to life changes. A newborn human has changed all the: respiratory system, digestive system, tactile sensations, smells, sounds. Because – remember yourself as you respond to changes in the world, and treat with understanding to what the baby came to you.

In new York in 2014 nursing mothers demanded to recognise their right to breastfeed in public places. Photo Getty Images

The first attachment to the breast. What is most important?

Do not touch the child. So he applied to the chest. Not to push, not to hold the head not to put the nipple. Just lie down comfortably, put the baby near the breast and to wait, when he starts to crawl and find the breast.

Every child knows how to properly breastfeed. This is the correct attachment.

If there are any problems, there are experts on breastfeeding, which can help to feed the child. Not invest. And he captures.

Breast-feeding is better for the system, or when he wants to? Which one is better?

System all break. You mean here of knowledge, intelligence, and time frame. But in nature it is impossible to do. There are breast and children who adapt to the system, and pacifiers, everything. But there is something that leads to problems. I work as a consultant for 8 years, had about 5 thousand women who I helped with breastfeeding, and many of them were system.

It is important to understand that everything in nature is perfect. Child and the chest is a single system. There are different demand periods, it’s like evolution.

When a child is born – the child is constantly near the chest because the chest for it – security. Not the food, and primary safety. The chest helps your baby easier to adapt, the chest helps decompensation develops brain activity. Because he is constantly near the chest the first time. And remember that he is still silly, feelings of hunger so bright it has no. Because it is important to awaken, not to sleep more than 3 hours. Then it needs to be strengthened. For this child we undress, to bring it closer to natural conditions. Dressed up or dressed up – it is warm, it feels like in the womb. And there to suck it was not necessary. When to undress the baby – he feels discomfort, coolness, begins to be active, to suck. Then, the Statute, when the wolf, normalsize, he is ready to relax. And so the first month.

4-6 weeks after birth the baby starts to COO, to smile, to pull the handle to mom. Here already it appears the feeling of hunger and fullness. Children begin to perceive Breasts in most food. A communication tool for it already – stick, smile, your voice. After a time, with each age period, a child makes all the large gaps between breastfeeding. And old they already eat solid food, but breast – like dessert, anesthetic, communication, tide of love. Thus, without interfering with the breastfeeding, we have no problem. Difficulties may appear when we begin to intervene – put a restraining bra, do not feed, considering that the child does not want, does not Wake up.

When we go for a child – we help him to adapt to our world, the formation of his mental health. And that’s a great Foundation, because the city gives a lot of stressful situations.

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Lifestyle and breast-feeding

What is the mother’s diet during breast feeding?

He does not change. You eat something before – a variety of foods, drink water. The only thing – do not abuse dairy products and pure cow milk. The first months it is advisable to replace plant milk, lactose-free, at the same coffee or cocoa.

A feeding and alcohol, and Smoking?

We are all adults and understand that alcohol and Smoking are dangerous for the baby. But we do decide. There are moms who drink alcohol and smoke while breastfeeding. I can’t say that it is bad or good. It’s just a choice these people.

But one hundred percent better than to feed artificial mixture. On this wealth, which is in breast milk, cannot influence it to be as bad as a mixture.

Breast feeding takes a long period. But in modern reality, mom should go to work. How to combine?

In the first month very few people immediately have to go to work. And in six months the child is already self-sufficient person. It already appears the adults ‘ table. And there are gadgets you can pump the chest to keep the milk containers can be transferred from work. I have many moms who I have helped to establish lactation, and this is absolutely fine working.

That is, the first months are important, and then you can adapt?

Yes. The first two or three months – this is important for a woman, this recovery, for the child is contact, adaptation. And then you can negotiate with the child. He understands everything.

Such an incredible thing as lactation in nulliparous women.

This is called induction lactation. Yes, this is possible. I have experience with such women when giving birth the surrogate mother and the biological mother, we are establishing lactation. Or when adopting a child up to 3 months – is also possible to develop lactation, without the use of hormones – just a desire to feed and frequent breastfeeding.

It is also a magic of some kind.

It’s an old forgotten. Before it was. Was the nurse who fed other people’s children. Was grandmother who fed grandchildren, because children went to work.

Unlearn from the breast

Another difficult topic – how to wean child from the breast. When to do it?

The who recommends feeding up to 2 years. But breast-feeding is a voluntary process, nice mom and baby.

I recommend you finish breastfeeding, when the mother ceases to be fun. If she feels the irritation, discontent.

But then there are questions of psychology – whether it’s breastfeeding her uncomfortable. Because after talking with mom, we find out that. And if the reason really in breastfeeding – starting a gradual decline in the number of feedings. Milk comes in a month depending on demand. If less demand is less and supply. This is the correct conclusion, no trauma no mother, no child.

But if the child is about two years old, mom feeds him only the nightly, but without this child refuses to sleep?

There are so many techniques. One of them – the method of grace, when mother, observing all the rituals before bed, says the child – I have, for example, linen overdosing in the bathroom. Child comes, checks to worry about. And my mom 15 minutes goes through underwear. If he waited – she is feeding him. And so three times. On the fourth time, the kids already do not come, waiting for mom in the crib, and then just fall asleep. This is one of the options.

And in three years with a child can agree. Nakleechki glue, make calendars, when we leave from a breast.

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