Alexei Navalny and his Golden ducks

Alexei Navalny and the Russian millionaires oppositionally and the company is constantly with enviable enthusiasm of searching for property, businesses and Bank accounts abroad have all “supporters of the bloody regime”. But what about the financial Affairs themselves “whistleblowers” and “corruption fighters”?…


Millions of dollars to Russian opposition. Why is silent Bulk?

The Author – Oleg Lurie

Amazing Russian opposition, headed by the ever conditional Alexei Navalny with admirable enthusiasm looking for apartments, businesses, Bank accounts, real estate abroad, all, who, in their opinion, is “supporters of the bloody regime”. Here the other day “found” a flat in Moscow, house in Moscow and a dacha in Italy at the TV journalist Vladimir Solovyov. The find itself is very stunted – the information was published long ago, and Solovyov himself quite a detailed account of their property, acquired during the classes they business, and also reported that all declared and paid taxes. And a lot of stories – we are to rebuke and quietly silent when it turns out that everything is legal and clean. In principle, spoons were found, but the sediment remained .

I decided to see what property, including abroad, companies, money, businesses and other happiness you have “debunkers” and “fighters against the bloody regime”. And, as it turned out, these guys are very, very poor. One might even say, very rich. But for some reason, about “fighters” prefer not to remember. So, let’s call them by name.

Right arm and “chief of staff” of Alexey Navalny Leonid Volkov. Most of the time in the Luxembourg, where in a very good house at 31, Rue Des prés, L-8265, Mamer, Luxemburg, worth about one million euros.

Also, “poor” fighter against the regime of wolves working in the venture Fund “Next Stop Ventures”, which is banal offshore company from the Cayman Islands, where it has its registered office at 3rd floor, Queensgate House, 113 South Church Street, PO Box 10240, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-1002. And this office is engaged in outright theft of Russian military technology by orders of the Pentagon and American intelligence services. And again. The official resident of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Leonid Volkov via their accounts in this country gets and legalization of money for “presidential candidate” Alexei NavalnyMikhail Khodorkovsky. The system works in the following way. In 2015, Leonid Volkov quietly enters into a contract with the Estonian office of Khodorkovsky “MTÜ Free Access HR”… the research “the Structure of modern Russian society”. Or rather two such, sorry, research on thirty thousand U.S. dollars each. A total of $ 60,000. Not bad, right?

And wolves fast, in a couple of months such “research” easy to write. However the “studies” so no one saw, but the act of acceptance-transmission works is available. And the invoice also available.

It is clear that no one “studies” did not write, and these 60 thousand dollars from Khodorkovsky was safely delivered Alexei Navalny. And, as you know, this is just a small part of the money that fugitive oligarch Khodorkovsky pumping through their “Laundry” for Bulk. And now, it seems that the number of zeros will increase significantly, as Khodorkovsky officially called for the support of Navalny in presidential elections next year. And the fact that Navalny has no right to run, as serving a conditional sentence is Mikhail Borisovich absolutely do not care, as the illegality of funding. And another important question. The chief of staff of Navalny Leonid Volkov, when received from the “garbage” of Khodorkovsky in Estonia 60 thousand dollars, he ran for the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region and headed the headquarters of the party PARNAS in the elections in Kostroma regional Duma. But there is, of course, this fellow did not mention received from Khodorkovsky’s money and, of course, no taxes were not paid. How did this happen? And about the house in Luxembourg somehow also forgotten.

Go on. Prominent opposition members and fighters with the regime, father and son Gudkov. Dad – former state Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov and his son – also a former Deputy Dmitry Gudkov. Free from opposition activities being managed by the collection Agency “Central debt Agency” specializing in hard knocking out debt. Details HERE. While the income from the collection business (and other) opposition, the father and the son are actively buying property abroad. It is a family business Gudkov – the Bulgarian company “Mari house“located in the hotel “Palma” in the resort of Golden Sands. The firm was in Varna in October 2008, the co-founders are four people: the head of the family, a former state Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov, his wife Maria Gudkova, and their children Dmitry and Vladimir Gudkov.

Each of the founders owned about a quarter of the share capital. In the “activities” of the company is a wide range of interests: real estate transactions, commercial mediation, publishing and advertising activity, trade and storage of medicines and products, organization of cultural, sports and leisure activities, tour operator activities, forwarding services and cargo transportation, trade, repairing of car and many more. Currently in the property register of the Bulgarian firm secured 57 plots of various sizes.

Managing company of the “Mary house” is a companion Gudkov Roman Eremenko. By the way, he said that the hotel “Palma”, where the company is registered, are apartments belonging to Dmitry Gudkov. And this property, in contrast to the business specified in the Declaration of the Deputy.

Himself Dmitry Gudkov the time noted that candidates are not required to be reflected in the Declaration of a share in the business, and complete a Declaration in the status of the Deputy, he has always indicated his participation in the founders “Marie’s house”. He admitted that in February suggested that it may appear issues, therefore, requested the Declaration in the personnel Department of the state Duma. And there have indeed shown its share in the company.

Forgot the beeps indicate what income bought property in Bulgaria.

In the CEC assured that indicate a stake in the business candidates are required by law. After that, knowing the position of the CEC, Gudkov recalled that during the election campaign, he gave a share in the company in the interim management brother.

Bulgarian property Gudkov

Also the opposition Gudkov did not own a cheap property in London. In 2012, Gennady Gudkov and his wife bought a luxurious apartment in one of the most prestigious areas of the British capital. The purchase price is approximately £2.5 million (more than 220 million rubles).

Gennady Gudkov lives close to Buckingham Palace and the headquarters of the secret intelligence service of her Majesty (MI-6). We are talking about Cleland House — the first stage of an elite residential complex Abell & Cleland. His building company Berkley is one of the leading developers of Prime London property. The apartment is decorated to Gudkov’s wife Maria. According to sources in the real estate company involved in the sale of apartments in Cleland House to buy luxury apartments, Gudkov interrupted the suggestion of one of the Russian businessmen.

Here are apartments purchased Gudkov, the opposition in London

— They raised the price to rent this apartment. Actually overpaid for it. But the apartment is really gorgeous: 137 sq. m, spacious living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and walk-in closets. The layout of the apartment — exclusive, — have told in the realtor company.

The residential complex is located in the heart of London, in the heart of London — minutes walk from the houses of Parliament, Downing street and St James Park. It is also close to Buckingham Palace. To the hotel guests — heliport on the South Bank in Battersea. Around the residential complex is situated a small house in a traditional English style, which belong to the architectural heritage of London and cannot be demolished or undergo reconstruction. This is the most expensive and prestigious district of the city, realtors say.

In Cleland House has two separate buildings, each with a private garden. Future residents will be provided with all the amenities of the premium class: the Butler, pool, gym, SPA centre, equipped meeting room and underground Parking. The average price for a flat is £2 million.

Next poor the opposition is a married couple Alexander Vinokurov and Natalia Sindeeva, which owns the TV channel “Rain“. Thus “Rain”, which collects money from subscribers, telling that here-here will go bankrupt and will be closed by the minions of power. The opposition live in a luxurious mansion in the elite settlement “Nikol’skaya Sloboda”. The value of the home and the infield is estimated at $ 12 million, which, in principle, could be sufficient to explain the success of the banking activities of her husband Aleksandr Vinokurov and Sindeeva, if not a few “but”…

The mansion of the opposition of the couple Vinokourov-Sindeeva.

For example, the fact that in 2008 a personal decision who was then the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin on the reorganization belonging to Vinokurov, the Bank “KIT Finance” was sent 135 billion budget money. In this mysterious creditors of the Bank and remained in the shadows, but personal as Vinokourov has increased from 200 million to 1.3 billion dollars. A little later came the wife of the banker and the TV channel “Rain”.

There is a unique situation: the Bank is essentially bankrupt, and its owner is not trying to rescue the child from its own funds, do not go after this “around the world” with her head held high made everything that could, or not said, on the contrary, that he was able to lead a manageable structure from the steep financial peak. No, he instead receives from the Treasury a lot of money who lives in mom and wife for the same money creates the channel, the main function of which is pouring the dirt of the state, which gave Vinokurov billions. So the house in Nikolskaya Sloboda is not easy, but, as they say, is history… Especially good in the mansion for 12 million dollars denounce the government and fight for the good.

Next. The next hero is one of the main sponsors and financiers of Alexei Navalny, a former top Manager of “Alfa-group” and the former head of the Fund for combating corruption Vladimir Ashurkov. Gained nationwide fame after 2014, the investigating authorities have searched the unemployed Ashurkov… in a modest Moscow apartment of 350 square meters, valued at 200 million rubles, which this prominent opposition figure shot for a million rubles a month. Also in the asset unemployed opposition leader investigators found two cars with premium, knowledge of several companies and the availability of social security numbers in the United States.

And Ashurkov. Filmed citizen apartment for a million a month at some Kaloeva. Yuli Kaloev, an intermediary in the transfer of money between Navalny and former Director of the FBK Vladimir Ashurkova, is accused by office of public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in the theft of more than 760 million rubles, and in 2013, declared in the international search. The case in which the researcher was in the international wanted list, was at one time quite controversial and dealt with the bankruptcy of JSC “Kaluga meat-packing plant”. During the investigation of the criminal case initiated on the fact of bankruptcy, the investigation found that from 2008 to 2012, the researcher, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO “KMK”, bringing the assets of the company on various offshore schemes in Cyprus, and the company has received loans from Sberbank just on those 760 million that appear in the file.

However, all this did not prevent Julia kalaeva to become the founder and key owner of the British firm EFFECTIVE ADVISORS LIMITED, registered 8 April 2016 and submitted to the state of British registry under the section “Advice for management other than financial management”. Ashurkov and the researcher is familiar with its joint cooperation between “the alpha-groups”. From 2006 to 2012 Ashurkov was Director of the management and control of the assets management company of the consortium — CTF Holdings Ltd, and was also a member of the Supervisory Board of X5 Retail Group N. V. Yuri Kaloyev, in turn, in 2004 was the General Director of “OST West group” and member of the Board of Directors of OJSC “Volga”, which was purchased by Shalva Breus for more than $ 100 million. These 100% stock Breus was able to purchase through gray schemes. The Board of Directors of OJSC “Volga” in 2004 included: Shalva Breus as chair, the President of alpha Bank Peter Aven, the Vice-President “the alpha of EKO” Vadim Kucharin.

It is also worth to remind that the company “Bureau 17” and “Glory” the civil wife of fugitive ex-head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Vladimir Ashurkov — Alexandrina Markvo — for several years, organized for the city hall and Rospechat activities for a total amount of 100 million rubles. Himself Ashurkov and several other close associates of Navalny, who transferred one million rubles to the electoral account of the founder of the FBC in 2013, when he ran for mayor of Moscow, posted an appeal to users with a call for voluntary replenishment their e-wallets allegedly, according to the investigation, with the purpose of compensation listed on the account Bulk cash, as well as to support his political activities, however, collect 10 million rubles were stolen. In the end, Ashurkov together with the civil wife Aleksandrina Markvo was in the UK, where he received political asylum and now reside in London in one of the most prestigious areas continue to talk about “atrocities of the bloody regime”. Live associates Bulk here:

Following an amazing character, struggling with the regime and exposing corrupt officials, that former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, known to the General public by the nickname “Misha Two percent“. Now, this man, not one day work in the business and a lifetime spent only in officer positions, was the owner of a 8-room apartment in the center of Moscow on the street Rochdelskaya str 12, with a total area of 427 square meters.

This apartment was once the office space of ex-Prime Minister of Russia, but the retirement from his post Kasyanov with his wife privatized this apartment 25 April 2003.

Only the cadastral value of the apartment Kasyanov is estimated at about $ 173 million. But if we compare market prices of such luxurious apartments, the price of a modest apartment of the former official and current opposition leader is 450 million rubles.

And somehow the same “fighter against corrupt officials,” Alexei Navalny is silent as fish about this bureaucratic luxury of his colleague in the opposition of ex-Premier Mikhail Kasyanov. While managing to expose other officials living in the same house at Rochdelskaya,12. Strange, isn’t it?

Or here is another amazing person and opposition. Bitter Russophobe and employee of “echo of Moscow”, and nowadays the citizen of Ukraine, living in Kiev and a worker in the field of anti-Russian propaganda, Matvey Ganapolsky. Yes, Yes, the same host that, showing videos of youngsters, provoked by Navalny on the street hooliganism, said: “I Think that this video gives me hope. A new generation grows up. Vegetables will gradually move in the graveyard.” The host, who live on the Ukrainian “news” in the words of listener that Putin did not kill anyone, said to him: “- Go to …! Bastard, bitch! First, zabyvaem that I stink this is no longer heard. You dare, you beast, calls on the air…”. And this is the same host who said “the Kremlin turns all life into a carcass” “I strongly recommend to stock up on passports and residence permits in other countries”, “In a sense, I banderovets”.

This bright personality, under the Declaration, earning an average of two million rubles a year, is the proud owner of an apartment in the center of Moscow, near Patriarch’s Ponds, at the following address: Sytinskiy Tupik, house 1, building 4, flat No. 6… (the exact address is available). The total area of 122 square meters, living area of 82.3 square meters. Bought Ganapolsky is happiness in 2005, working at the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, the contract of purchase and sale with the use of some mysterious “credit”.

In order to know the real price of property of the citizen and opposition, I turned to the Internet and found that in the house exactly opposite to the apartment of the Host (Sytinskiy Tupik,3) is just sold an identical apartment with an area of 126 square meters at a price of… 3 960 000 USD (three million nine hundred sixty US dollars!!!) or 223 842 168 rubles. Here’s how.

And what such “credit money” and who suddenly gave Host to such happiness at the current price of almost four million dollars?

By the way, what happens to gold in Moscow real estate Matvey Ganapolsky, while he from Kiev denounces “the aggressor” Russia? And nothing bad happens. This apartment for many years, successfully rented. Currently, it takes a lady with children, whose name I will not mention for obvious reasons. But now let’s find out the estimated cost of the monthly rent the same apartment in the centre of Moscow, Sytinskiy tupik and in the adjacent areas (Patriarch’s Ponds, Tverskaya Boulevard, etc.).

Here are just a few examples: In a Large Palashevska alley, next to the Sytinskiy Tupik, rent apartment, smaller in size (only 105 of squares) for 160 thousand rubles per month. The year is one million nine hundred twenty thousand roubles income.

Or here’s another: On Malaya Bronnaya, which is also near Sytinskiy, for hundred-meter apartment asking for 220 thousand rubles a month, or two million four hundred thousand a year.

But in this nice apartment almost on the Patriarchal luxury property Matvei Yurievich the Host ends. In the period from 20.01.2012 on 23.12.2013, he owned a luxurious apartment at the address: Moscow, Lomonosovskiy Prospekt,25, korpus 2, kV. 3… in a residential complex “dominion”, next to the house where he kept his billions Colonel Zakharchenko. In December 2013, the year of “journalist” apartment in Lomonosov successfully sells.

Oh and not to remember the names of those who in 90-ies received loans from the group “Bridge” the fugitive oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky. Thanks to these loans, which is essentially a simple transfer of money specifically dedicated journalists, many of the current oppositionists got elite housing in the capital. Moreover, absolutely free. The process was so: the Main beneficiaries were the leading officials of the “Bridge” executives and “stars” of the electronic and print media of the late nineties, close to the owners of the holding people.

Repayment of loans was carried out under two schemes: repayment of the loan due to the holding company for various financial schemes for the specified contract period, although from the documents, as a rule, was that paid the loan the recipient; the repayment of a larger loan holding company, and the rest do by the recipient. At dismissal, the preferential scheme was switched off, and the balance at the time of termination of the contract, the debtor was paid in full. But the borrowers worked at Gusinsky’s Empire to the last. Until full repayment of the oligarch their loans.

Money to purchase real estate in the form of fictitious loans to employees “Bridge” vitellis of the actual loan funds received by the group. Similar loans were issued in all the years of holding “Media-the Bridge”. Peak payments fall on the 1994-th year (based NTV), 1996 (the peak external borrowing), 2000 (year of troubles “Media-the Bridge”). Here are just some of the characters, and the amount:

In the list of received non-refundable money from the “Bridge” we see the current “regime fighters” Igor Malashenko (wife of the infamous Bozena Rynska) and opposition journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza. And the list of “additional targeted payments” for the 1999-2000 year found himself the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktovhas received from the oligarch Gusinsky 183 thousand 392 dollars.

Of course, not all the heroes of the Russian opposition, with real estate companies and big money in Russia and abroad, that I have mentioned. A lot of them. A lot of them. This “environmental opposition” Yevgenia Chirikova, having property in Estonia, this opposition journalist Artemy Troitsky, who bought an apartment in the elite district of Pirita, Tallinn, and many others. Soon I will tell you about them. But now I would like to ask the “whistleblower” mansions and foreign real estate of Alexei Navalny. And why all the above characters do not exist in the list of revelations of Fund of struggle against corruption and personally citizen Bulk? Maybe not enough time? Then please ready the invoice for further revelations. Maybe “presidential candidate” Navalny once in your life will demonstrate their impartiality and, say, will publish the above information on your site?




“Operation Tremor”: the secret correspondence of agent Bulk



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