Alexander Hinstein has submitted that would have made Putin at the site of Gorbachev

If in March 1985, the new leader of the Soviet Union was not Gorbachev, and Putin, the entire story would move along other lines — said a prominent political activist and writer, Advisor to the Director of ROS-

guard Alexander Khinshtein. Was it really the Soviet Union was doomed to collapse? Your answer to this question Khinshtein gives in his book “the End of Atlantis. Why Putin will never be a Gorbachev,” which he presented to the public on February 13.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The book is an attempt to analyse and understand the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union not just from the standpoint of historical approach, but the unexpected is, I think, perspective. I’m trying to use the genre of alternative history to move in time and space of the two presidents — Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin, explained his creative idea Alexander Khinshtein. He is sure that none of the challenges that faced Gorbachev, in fact, was not critical. Moreover, all the problems that faced President of the USSR, “concerning foreign economic development, foreign policy, domestic issues, national territorial structure, inhibit the growth of separatism, the fight against crime”, was repeated and after the year 2000, when came to power Putin.

— However, in each such circumstance, in every situation the current President has been able to find a way out of a difficult crisis point, says the author. — Starting positions, which had Gorbachev in 1985, at the time of his coming to power, do not go to any comparison with those horrific positions that already befell Putin’s 15 years later.

To comparison did not look unfounded, it gathered in the book “numerous socio-economic calculations” and the testimony of witnesses “of those events both at home and on the West side”. The reader will find in the book a lot of documents that have never been published before. For example, the materials of the criminal cases related to the investigation of the tragic events in Georgia in 1989 and Lithuania in 1991.

— These materials completely refute all massively prevailing ideas about what was happening then in reality — promises Alexander Khinshtein.

And the question of who is the addressee of his work, is responsible:

Those people who caught the events described and would like to refresh your memory, because even the reproduction of the processes, when you start all these things to understand, different makes to look at many things. And I would be happy if this book was read by the younger generation — those who have not found the USSR.

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