Alekseev made the controversial live show “dancing with the stars 2018”

Popular “Dancing with the stars 2018” continues to surprise the Ukrainians. 12 during a live broadcast he sang the controversial singer Nikita Alekseev (Alekseev), who has spoken in Russia.

The quarter-finals of the popular show “dancing with the stars 2018” was filled with unexpected surprises. The pair produced two spectacular rooms. In particular, danced to the singing of famous singers.

One of the invited celebrity guests were Nikita Alexeev. The singer often went to the Russian Federation, where he not only performed, but also received awards. So, Nikita Alekseev won in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year” Russian award “Muz-TV”, became a laureate of the Russian award “Golden gramophone”.

And not only the aggressor noted vocal artist: in Belarus, it was named “Singer of the year”, then sent to introduce the neighboring country at the “Eurovision 2018”.

The artist took the stage of “Dancing with the stars 2018” 11 Nov. Nikita Alexeev admitted that he was happy to get on an entertainment project known as the Metropolitan pavilions was filmed show “the Voice”, which was the ticket singer in the world of show business. The song scandalous artist was made by Michelle Andrade and Jack the cat.

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“Dancing with the stars 2018” 12 edition watch online statement Nikita Alexeev

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