Alcohol gives a creativity – scientists

Austrian scientists believe that a glass of wine or mug of beer promote rapid development of creativity. This concerns especially representatives of the creative professions, where alcohol plays the role of a particular stimulator of creative activities.
About it reports The Independent.
The study authors noted that moderate consumption of alcohol in small amounts can harm the people who work on a permanent schedule in the office, as well as the effect of alcohol can impair memory and concentration.
But in regard of people that work under the free schedule or tied to the creative activities, the use of small doses of alcohol leads to a better work.

For this scientist Mathias Benedek had assembled a group of volunteers, which were divided into 2 parts. All participants were given beer, part soft, the rest, consequently, alcohol. Next, they received the task is associative to combine words, for example “Swiss”, “blue”, “cake”. Those who drank alcoholic beer, rather guessed that all three words pointed to another “cheese”. It combined a word from the job.
They are likely consumers of non-alcoholic beer have guessed that a car tyre can be used as a swing.
“There are two theories why it worked. The first is when a person constantly focuses on solving some problem, his mind gets “stuck” on any one decision and not beyond its limits. Alcohol really affects the focus and prevents focus on one thing. Then we start to look for other options. According to the second theory, it is that alcohol, which detracts from accomplishing the main tasks, allows you to plunge into the unconscious and look for alternative ways”, – said author of the study.

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