Against witnesses in the case Trukhanov NABOO opened criminal cases, – the journalist

NABOO opened criminal proceedings against witnesses who refused to testify at the criminal trial on the merits relative of the Odessa mayor Gennady Trukhanov.

This was announced by Odessa journalist, the observer of the center of legal monitoring “Dignity” Tatiana Gerasimova.

“Started hearing on the case Trukhanov. The Chairman of the Board Serhiy Cherevko said that in the next three days they had been summoned for questioning in Kiev. The criminal cases brought against witnesses who refused to testify. Prosecutors in the case are also visited on Monday and Tuesday for interviews at the NAB,” said Gerasimov.

According to the observer, NABOO opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 385 of the criminal code of Ukraine: “Refusal of witness to testify or refusal of an expert or interpreter without good reason from the execution of their duties in court or during pretrial investigation”.

The objective party of a crime is expressed in inaction, which is a refusal of a witness to testify, the expert from the duties of giving conclusions, interpreter – from execution of the duties of translation.

Under the refusal to perform actions (duties) specified in the said article of the Criminal code, it should be understood evasion person called as a witness, appointed as an expert or translator, fulfil its procedural obligation to give evidence (paragraph 2 of part 2 of article 66 of the CCP), to carry out expert examination (item 1 of paragraph 5 of article 69 of the CCP) and to give an opinion (article 101 of the CCP) or to the transfer (paragraph 3 of part 3 of article 68 of the criminal procedure code) in the absence of extenuating circumstances that would prevent the performance of this duty.

Gennady Trukhanov, mayor of Odessa

I should add that for eight days, questioned 75 of 110 witnesses in the case, officials of the Odessa city hall, city Council members, experts, agents, bizdesktop the accused and others. The part of the witnesses refused to talk, citing the constitutional right against self-incrimination.

This reviewer assessment of the accused Bogdanova – expert Elena Pobedina, former expert Nicholas weaver, liquidator, OOO “HC” region “– Milena Fomenko. A spokeswoman for UAB Naster lawyer Anna Skorik referred to the attorney-client privilege.

What judge in Odessa Gennady Trukhanov?
In February 2018 Trukhanov reported about suspicion in Commission of crime, and in October presented the indictment. One of the charges in the case is the acquisition of over 185 million dollars from the city budget the administrative building of the Odessa heavy crane-building plant “region”. 9 November 2018 Malinovsky district court of Odessa began to consider the case Trukhanov.

The mayor pleaded not guilty and is still not removed from office. With him on the dock is another seven people, including his Deputy Paul Vogelman. In Malinovsky district court of Odessa continues the trial on the merits.

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