After “Bohemian Rhapsody” in Hollywood will shoot a film about The Beatles

New Zealand Director Peter Jackson, known for his work on the trilogy “the Lord of the rings” and “Hobbit” will shoot a documentary about the recording process of the latest album of the legendary British group The Beatles. We are talking about the record Let it be that in 2019, 50 years of age.

In the upcoming movie Jackson should appear in the footage recorded for a television documentary in 1969. Then the tape was never released. According to one version – because of the fact that there are scenes in which the musicians in conflict, told the BBC.

However, materials of 1969 became the basis for the film “Let It Be”, which was released after the band’s breakup a year later.

Stills from the film “Let It Be”

In his belt NZ the Director uses 55 hours of archival records.

“I’m not an expert in music, but The Beatles is the only music that I love,” said he.

The Beatles in the recording Studio in 1969

Interestingly, immediately after the premiere bands of Jackson, the screens will be released and restored version of the original tape, which has always aroused interest among fans.

Information about the movie title and date of the premiere yet.

It’s like a time machine that takes us back to 1969. We have the opportunity to be in the Studio and watch the four friends who work together to create incredible music
– said Peter Jackson.

Note that this is not the first documentary project of filmmaker. In 2018, he released his tape “They shall grow not old” about the First world war.

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