African players “olimpika” have complained that they were not paid salaries and do not feed

Players of football club “Olympic” from the city Kropiwnicki complained about the leadership team. According to them, they are not paid a salary and do not feed. So the players are forced to ask money from their relatives.

Just Kropiwnicki “Olympic” are players from five African countries – côte d’ivoire, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria. According to the player “olimpika” Steve Kouassi, in Kropyvnyts’ke he lives for two years. He even showed them the contract that stated his salary – 4200 USD. But the money he never received.

“We didn’t want to raise these issues, which have already continued for two years, but we have no choice. We have problems with food, medicine, we have no money at all. How can you train to compete in the championship, if not nutrition? Our coach Yuri Kevlich promised us that if we play well, we will notice and take in the famous Ukrainian football clubs. We have repeatedly appealed to him, but the coach says that if we are not satisfied with something, he advises to go back to Africa. We’re going to talk about our issues, that we helped to solve them. I will fight for justice,” said Steve Kouassi.

On the question of what to eat the players, they stated that they only had Breakfast. And generally eat only once a day. Livelihood they are forced to ask their relatives.

The police guys to go I’m afraid because I think that the law enforcement officers will tell the President of the football club. According to them, all foreign players Yuri Kevlich personally found Facebook and was invited to play in kropyvnyts’ke. For example they showed a photo of the paraphernalia of FC “Star” and said that they will be the same.

Some players refuse to play in the Amateur League, however, under their names out other players. Now they want to leave Marseille and other clubs, where would be fulfilled contractual obligations.

All foreign players of Olympique de Marseille live at the hotel “Tourist”, where they claim there is no water and light.

9 Oct athletes received a message from the President and chief coach of FC “Olympic” Yury Celica threats. He wrote that the athletes have just seven days to leave Ukraine. Yuri Kevlich in the comments of the CBN accusations in his address rejected.

“And they don’t have to pay money. Who told you that we should? What money? We are an Amateur club, repeat. We have no right by law to pay them money. Pays money should a professional football club, which is them very far. Let them first learn to play football, and then still need to fix their human qualities,” said Kilic.

It is worth noting that on the official website Kropiwnicki “Olympic” no one of African players not in the team. But the information on the website was updated in August 2017.

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