Advent 2018: the date and traditions of observance

Advent 2018 – this is the last multi-day post this year. When will advent in 2018, how to eat and what rules should be observed in this period – find out the material.

If you decided to fast during advent 2018, you should think about how to eat during this period to receive benefits for the body and soul and not to harm your health. Even while fasting people can eat healthy, varied, nutritious and tasty food.

Advent 2018: beginning and end date

Advent in 2018 will start on Tuesday, November 28, and will end on Saturday January 6th. Nativity fast 40 days. This is the last post of the year, which trains the soul and body of believers to meet Christ.

Winter post Christmas eve is also called Filippov, because it begins immediately after the feast day of St. Philip the Apostle. People fast to thank God for the harvest and prepare for the feast of the Nativity.

Advent 2018: what can I eat

In the period of advent should refrain from a number of products: meat, milk, eggs, cheese, butter, and some days off to fish.

For St. Nicholas Day fast follows the rules of Peter’s post. Also on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we cannot use fish, vegetable oil. On other days, vegetable oil is allowed. If Wednesday or Friday fall feast of the presentation of the blessed virgin, then you can eat the fish. After St. Nicholas Day and until Christmas allowed to eat fish on Saturday and Sunday. From 2 to January 6 post increases, that is, in these days of advent you can not eat fish, even on Saturday and Sunday.

Advent 2018: what can and can’t eat during lent

During lent in the Church do not conduct rites of baptism and wedding. Besides, it is not necessary to arrange a wedding these days, because the post devoted to prayer, repentance and purification from sins.

The tradition of advent 2018

Christmas winter post set up by the Church to sanctify the latter part of the year update mysterious spiritual Union with God. Christmas lent symbolizes the forty day fast of Moses, who received the stone tablet inscription of the words of God. Christians in this period we fast, pray, are purified from sin, to be pure in heart, body and soul to prepare for the holiday meeting of the Nativity.

Fasting involves not only food restrictions, but a certain internal attitude, spiritual cleansing, otherwise it will turn into a diet. True fasting is associated with prayer, repentance, forgiveness of injuries, the eradication of evil thoughts, abstinence from the temptations and vices, refusal from entertainment and spectacular events.

Advent is not only about food restrictions

Sick people, pregnant and lactating women, and children are allowed the indulgence post. Therefore, before you fast, be sure to consult with your doctor and also a priest. Because the post is not what we eat, and that we can sacrifice for the sake of the faith of God without harming their health.

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