Advent 2018: questions and answers

Advent 2018: questions and answers See photo (4)
11:05 Today, Telegraph news Ukraine: Christmas post – last post many days of the year.

Advent, which is the last this year, will begin on Wednesday, November 28.

Advent 2018: traditions sublubricating fully

It will last 40 days and will culminate in the feast of Christmas – January 7.

Advent is considered not as strict as, for example, or the Great assumption, but it also has its limitations, traditions and customs. However, his relief allowed sick people, pregnant and lactating women, and children.

What rules people need to adhere to during advent, what can I eat and what not to do.

That is why lent lasts 40 days

Advent 2018: when it starts in Ukraine Read more

There are several explanations why advent lasts for 40 days. The number 40 always had a sacred meaning for Christians, Moses for forty years led the Jewish people through the wilderness; forty days and forty nights Jesus fasted in the desert before you reveal itself to the world and begin the journey of serving people; forty days the resurrected Jesus appears to the people before his ascension.

In addition to the number 40 in this case, and found a physical explanation that does not refer to the Church. The perfect time for a child’s development in the womb is 40 weeks. During this time the baby is fully formed and ready to face the world.

Ministers say that the Church has always sensitively approached and work to human spirit and human flesh, so the duration of advent was determined in 40 days.

Why stick to the fast before Christmas

Winter fast Orthodox Christians is a kind of preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. Believers are to purify themselves and prepare for the coming of the Son of God, who gave his life for the good of the people.

Advent 2018-2019: whom not to limit myself to elicitate fully

In these 40 days, you have to limit yourself not only in food, but also spiritually. The priests draw attention to the fact that fasting without prayer is a regular diet. The people at this time are obliged to avoid any quarrels and conflicts, to eradicate evil deeds, forgive wrongs, and to refrain from intimacy, pleasure and entertainment events.

“Lent is always a time of change. Each outlines some objectives for the period. The goals are different, large and small. It all depends on the spiritual maturity of a person: some are planning to spend more time in the temple to worship, others are going with the spirit, to read morning and evening rule of prayer is a brief prayer, still others are trying with all the strictness of fasting, and someone candy at this time. When setting a goal, we must clearly understand why you are going to do something. If our plans do not have Christ, they will not change our life, our soul. With the same success it is possible to use fasting for weight loss and diets that some do. The post is for a different”, – said the Metropolitan of Boryspil.

What practices need to adhere to in the post

Advent 2018-2019: what you can and cannot do in Filippov to poschitat fully

During advent, there are some traditions and rituals that must be observed. During this period, believers need more to read the gospel, the Psalms that are read in the temple or everything. In this case, those people who regularly read the gospel, should be regularly read and the Psalms.

It is alleged that any day post can perform the rite of baptism, but to get married – it is impossible, therefore all the wedding parties should be planned before the start of the post or after Christmas. In addition, for those who decide to marry in the registry office, this period was also not the most appropriate, as this period of abstinence and prayers.

2018-2019 advent: when and how to eat

In General, the Church discourages the Christmas post to mark some significant date, as is necessary to abandon the use of alcohol, except when required medication on alcohol or wine.

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