Advent 2018: history, traditions, and rules that everybody should know

Advent 2018: history, traditions, and rules that you need to know each See photo (6)
20:16 Telegraph Today Ukraine news: November 28 Christmas fast begins, which will last until 6 January – Christmas.

The story of the little lent, the Establishment of advent, as well as other multi-day fasts, has roots in ancient times of Christianity. The first mention of it we find in the works of St. Ambrose Mediolanskogo, Pilastre, of St. Augustine, Dating from the fourth century.

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In the fifth century about the antiquity of advent wrote Leo the Great. At first he lasted only seven days (some Christians — more), but in 1166 the Patriarch of Constantinople Luke Chrisopher established to observe advent the forty days .

There was a reason: the feast of the Nativity of Christ in its significance in our salvation is not inferior to the feast of the Resurrection, therefore, the path of preparation for it must bear a certain symbolic significance. Exactly forty days in Scripture is always preceded by big events: the posts of the prophets Moses and Elijah, or the forty-day fasting of the Savior Jesus Christ before going to the sermon.

That is, the post emphasizes the importance of the event, and forty days notice of a special preparation to it. So, from the XII century advent in the Orthodox Church was the “small” Quadragesima, which is second only to lent “the great” of fasting before Easter.

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Its other nameFilippov post, or folk — Filippovka. This is due to the fact that on November 27, the day before his start, is celebrated the memory of one of the twelve apostles of Christ St. Philip the Apostle.

What rules must adhere to those who fasted, and what is their meaning?

By the rules advent is very similar to the fast of the apostles. According to Church regulations, all the days of lent, from the diet excludes meat, dairy products and eggs.

Allowed to eat on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, plant-based diet without oil, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, these foods with vegetable oil.

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On Saturdays, Sundays and on major holidays until January 2, allowed to eat fish. After January 2, the post is enhanced and fish products are not used. But we should remember that not everyone can fast, which offers us the Typicon (Liturgical order of the Church). It easier for pregnant women and people with health problems. Such people should consider their health and about the post to consult with the Confessor and physicians.

The main goal of any post is to encourage the person to repentance, charity and self-discipline through restrictions on food and entertainment. We are not talking about the sea themselves starved himself to exhaustion so extreme the Church condemns.

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The meaning of fasting is to discipline the body, to pull myself together and go from a relaxed state to another, so to speak, the spiritual mode. This contributes to prayer, penance, works of mercy and love.

For example, care for the sick, lonely, needy people and orphans, who in the period approaching the Christmas holidays is particularly acute are in need not only in material things, but in the words of love and support. Everyone has to decide what sacrifices for the sake of passing it can go: to help with medicines or remedies for the treatment of sick people, or taking part in actions to collect warm clothing for the homeless, toys and sweet gifts for the orphans, or to act as an organizer or volunteer in such events and more.

His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry said that despite the fact that often, in order to help others in need of financial, material and physical resources to do charity work can everyone.

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“Even a feeble person can help someone who is in trouble, if he will pray or simply sympathize with your neighbors,” — said the Primate of the UOC in one of his sermons.

How to be secular holidays that have the Christmas post?

Everyone decides for themselves whether or not to accept the invitation for neighbors to join the festive table with meals-fasting on the occasion of new year or other holidays.

The main thing is that failure no one was hurt. If you can keep the post, not condemning their “secular” neighbors know how to politely refuse those who invites you to the butcher table, do so. If not — then you should pay attention to the condition of his soul and to remember the words of the late Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Vladimir (+2014, Sabodan): “In the post the important thing is not to eat each other”.

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Most importantly — you need to drop excessive fun and drinking wine (except on days when it is permitted by Statute) to impose for a strict ban on all kinds of pagan fun part of the meeting “the year of the Rooster”, “Tiger” etc .. And to more reliably isolate themselves from the temptations of new year’s eve, you can spend it in the temple in prayer.

Every year on the night of January 1, in many churches the priests commit night divine Liturgy. Agree, congregational prayer and the sacrament of Holy communion is hardly the best beginning of new year.

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