Advent 2018: history and tradition

Advent 2018: history and tradition
19:01 Today, the Telegraph Photo: Ukraine news: Nativity fast is the last multi-day post of the year.

Advent in 2018 will start on November 28 and will end January 6 – Christmas Eve. It lasts 40 days, so it is also called the Lent. It is worth noting that this is the last post this year. This post on the eve of Christmas and is also called Filippov, because it begins immediately after the feast day of St. Philip the Apostle.

Advent: history

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Mention of the Christmas post Dating from the IV century. It is almost equal to the duration of lent, but less severe. Originally Christmas fast lasted seven days, and then 10, but the Council of Constantinople in 1166 was approved for all Christians to keep fasting 40 days before Christmas. This finding is observed today. Then the post received a common name in the Charter of the Church – lent .

This post was established by the Church in order that, being purified by repentance, prayer and fasting, as well as positives heart and soul, people can prepare for the festive meeting of the Nativity. Thus the fasting person seeks to come to Christ, changing lives for the better, purifying it from sins.

In addition, this period symbolizes the 40 days fasting of Moses, who when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, received the stone tablet inscription of the words of God.

Advent 2018: traditions

In addition to limitations in food, at this time, it is also customary to give up bad habits, sex and fun, as this 40-day period of contemplation and much prayer.

It is worth emphasizing that fasting includes not only food restrictions, but also a spiritual cleansing, otherwise it will turn into a diet. True fasting is associated with prayer, repentance, forgiveness of injuries, the eradication of evil thoughts, abstinence from the temptations.

2018-2019 advent: when and how to eat

It is important to remember that the main task of advent is to cleanse myself spiritually. At this time, the main thing is not to quarrel with family and friends, to rid themselves of sinful thoughts and passions. It is therefore considered to hold a post in prayer is much more important than abstinence from food.

According to tradition, the baptism can occur any day of the Nativity fast, but hold the wedding ceremony or marriage is impossible, as it is a period of abstinence and prayers. A wedding celebration should be planned before the start of the post or after Christmas.

The Church recommends that you do not mark any significant date during advent, because in this period it is necessary to refuse from alcohol.

Advent 2018-2019: what you can and cannot do in Filippov post

In the days of advent it is strictly forbidden to consume meat, dairy products, eggs, alcohol, except wine on some days. Wednesday and Friday should stick to shoedini – foods must be thermally processed. It is recommended to eat bread, nuts, raw or pickled vegetables, fruits and dried fruits, honey. Also these days not to drink the wine. Note that some days may be allowed, wine and fish.

Completes post on Christmas Eve on 6 January. On this day only with the appearance of the first stars can be enjoyed sochivo – a dish of soaked wheat grains with fruit and honey. Hence the name of this day – Christmas Eve. No special traditions of the Christmas table there – that man is in the house, so he razgoraetsya.

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