Adjusting traffic lights in Kyiv allowed reduce congestion by 19%

Recently completed the first phase of the improvement of traffic regulation in the area of downtown, thanks to what has already been achieved growth of the average daily intensity of traffic on main street by 19%.

That, for the direction from the European square to the metro, but you should expect improvement in the opposite direction after the completion of the construction works on the Vladimir descent, which makes it impossible to increase the capacity of the European area.

– Coordinated control of traffic lights gives us a lot of opportunities of regulation of the heavy traffic that takes place in the center of Kiev, – said Viktor Chernov, the Director of KP “Center of road traffic organization”. – Now Analytics at the introduction of the Automated system of traffic management (ATMs) optimized the operation modes of traffic lights on the 5 streets in the centre of the city, which allowed to significantly reduce congestion in the capital.

First of all, the results of monitoring changes in the dynamics of traffic flows during the day was changed, the number of daily switching modes of traffic regulation, calculated optimal cycle times of traffic regulation in relation to key intersections, which provided the minimum value of average delay per car and increased throughput.

In particular, on Khreschatyk street for 7 traffic light installations (s/o) introduced a 6-time shifts during the day, Taras Shevchenko (9 s/o and 6 switches), str (3/o and 4 switching), B. Khmelnytsky St. (4 and 7 switches) and slotted (with 2-on and 4 switch during the day).

– In the calculation of the modes of coordination of traffic lights as on Khreshchatyk and operating buses “green wave”, we define the optimal speed coordination in 45-50 km/h, – said Viktor Chernov. – So when drivers adhere to permitted speed limits in the city, it is almost non-stop traffic.

At the same time in the course of work were identified 4 sites where most often there is shortness traffic and cork situations (at certain times of the day) for reasons that are not related to traffic lights regulation:
PLOT No. 1 – European area (the traffic in connection with construction work on the Vladimir descent);

Plot No. 2 – St. Khreshchatyk – St. B. Khmelnitsky (hampered movement in connection with frequent exit from and entry to the Central Department store, Parking cars along the street B. Khmelnitsky);

Plot No. 3 – str – Shevchenko Boulevard (independence square) (traffic in connection with the constant Parking of cars on the public transport lane along the Boulevard. Shevchenko from Bessarabia square to Pushkinskaya str.);

Plot No. 4 – a B. Khmelnitskogo St. – St. Vladimir (hampered movement because of the significant intensity of vehicles from all directions, and also in connection with the presence of unregulated pedestrian crossings and parked vehicles along B. Khmelnytsky St.).

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