Adera excuse for treatment in Ukraine: a statement by the lawyer of a prisoner of war

The protection of the Ukrainian prisoner of war sailor Andrew Adera filed a motion on his transfer to Ukraine or another third country for treatment. Meanwhile, the lawyer of another of the seaman Victor Bespalchenko said that it called for Russian ombudsvumen Tatiana Moskalkova.

So, on the petition relative to the wounded and the youngest of the Ukrainian sailors Andrew Adera announced on Faceboook his defender Alexander Markov.

Today for the first time met with his client Andrew Adair on the investigation Committee, in a new setting – in “Lefortovo”. Filed a motion to transfer the wounded in Ukraine or in a third country. Also on the transfer of the public health institution of the corresponding profile,
– said the defender.

Note that on January 28, three wounded Ukrainian sailors Andrew Artemenko, Basil Soroka and Andrew Adera was transferred to the SIZO “Lefortovo”. Before that they were kept institutionalized – prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”.

What is known about the injuries Aidera? In Aidera a shrapnel wound to the leg, received during the shelling of the Ukrainian Russian border guards of the ships in the Kerch Strait.

“Wounds heal, walk properly, but limping. The stairs to climb and descend difficult, unfortunately, strong pressure on the feet, hands grasping the railing and go. Corny can’t the leg vertically upwards, there is no force”, – wrote in late December, the Eider in the letter to journalists.

Meanwhile it is known that another Ukrainian sailor in “Lefortovo” Victor Bespalchenko in Russian SIZOs visited the Russian ombudsvumen Tatiana Moskalkova.

In addition, the lawyer of the prisoner said that her client did not actually receive letters from relatives, although they send them regularly.

Victor received only one letter, although relatives of people write him letters often, but they somehow, to the sailor not reach. Written applications for visits and phone calls. Victor is studying English, the mood is good, he says Hello, asks to him not worried
– added a defender, Bespalchenko Oksana Oparenko.

As the Ukrainian sailors were in captivity of the Russian Federation?
They were captured by Russian border guards near the Kerch Strait on 25 November 2018. So, Russia committed an act of open aggression against Ukraine, when fired at its military ships in neutral waters. Step in Russia argued that the alleged Ukrainian ships became illegal in the temporarily closed waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and was heading to the Kerch Strait.

The shelling 3 sailors were injured. Russia seized 2 Ukrainian ship and captured 24 Ukrainian sailors. They were later arrested in the occupied Crimea and taken to Moscow prison. All Ukrainian sailors told investigators in Russia that are prisoners of war.

15 and 16 of January in Moscow court extended the arrest of the prisoners sailors – part until April 24, and part to the 26th.

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