Achievements and failures of the women’s team of Ukraine to 2018

Achievements and failures of the women’s team of Ukraine to 2018
15:43 Today the Telegraph Telegraph Sport Photo: FFU sports news: Ukrainian Women’s team for 2018 has played 12 matches in various tournaments.

In 2018, our national women’s team has played 12 matches in which he scored seven wins, two draws and three defeats (a difference of scored and missed goals – 20-11), reported the press service of the FFU.

Recall that the main team of the country the start of the tournament Turkish Women’s Cup 2018 in Turkey, where he took third place. Opponents of our girls were the national teams of Romania (0: 0), Kosovo (2: 0), Northern Ireland (3: 1 ) and Poland (0: 0).

This year, the national team continued to struggle for an exit in final part of world championship 2019. In the qualifying team has played six games in early April, blue and yellow won a convincing victory over the Croat – 3: 0 and suffered a narrow defeat in Denmark – 0: 1.

The next test for Ukraine began two home matches against group leaders: in the match with Denmark, our girls lost 1: 5, and after a couple of days sensationally beat Sweden – 1: 0.

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Decisive was to be a fight in Sweden, the team of Vladimir Reva, unfortunately, lost – 0: 3, having lost all chances to qualify to the finals. Completed the qualification of Ukrainian with a home match against Hungary, which won a landslide victory – 2: 0 and took third place in the group.

The last collection in calendar year players held in November. Under the coaching of new coach, Natalia Zinchenko, the team went on a training camp in Turkey, which ended two control matches with players of Kosovo (4: 1, 4: 0).

During this calendar year as part of the national team on the field appeared 32 football players. Absolute indicator showed just three players: Daria Kravets, Daria, Apanasenko and Olga Ovdiychuk who has played all 12 matches with the national team of Ukraine.

Step away from the coves Veronika Andrukhiv, who played in 11 games. And closes the top 5 of another striker Yana Kalinina from 10 played games.

Also note that in 2018 for the main team of the country debuted just seven players (at the last gathering in Turkey), Irina Podolsky, Yana Malakhova, Anna Petryk, Yana Derkach, Daria Bondarchuk Tatiana polyukhovich and Marina Seinuk.

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